The secret of Taurus love

Taurus are not hasty in love. They show their emotions with the partner slowly over the time. In other words, Taurus love is exactly a passionate, deep and sustainable love. If you want to know more about secrets in Taurus love, this article can be a good source of information.

Taurus love – The love of possessors

Once experiencing the neonatal period (from Aries zodiac sign), the evolved soul enters the territory of Earth element. At the level of Taurus, infants have become healthy babies who start to associate with the feminity. They learn that it’s necessary to wake up and sleep on time to enjoy the comfort they expect.

Babies now no longer scream out due to fears, loneliness or basic demands as they were still in the stage of Aries. They realize that all requirements will be met by their parents. Like a human baby, in the stage of Taurus, the soul is satisfied with sitting in one place and patient to wait for daily meals with silence, confidence and expectation.

Taurus also learn the way to show a happy face to be pampered by parents and other adults. Smile and obey to be rewarded – Taurus never forget that in life. Because they haven’t perceived anything outside the place of birth, Taurus are considered to experience the baby stage. They find happiness in their family and everything visible around – Familiar things rather than something strange outside.

With experiences in this stage, the soul of baby discovers the delight in the use of five senses of hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. (S)he can smell, chew and listen the sound from toys as well as see and touch them to have first experiences as a Taurus. In my opinion, this is also the way to feel and show feelings in Taurus love.

The possessiveness in Taurus love

Because the possession of something brings happiness, Taurus often try to hold, caress and regard it as theirs. Taurus always say that “I have”. This is the period of teddy bears and blankets in Taurus love. This period will come back again in the cognition of Cancer. At the level of Taurus, the soul of baby counts on physical contact with those who they get familiar with (through hugs, caresses, kisses). Taurus ruled by Venus will respond with whisper and giggle since they only understand affection through the feel of real sentiments. Have you ever observed real children? They are possessive of toys and attention of parents. They might feel shocked when either of them is taken away. They are too stubborn to share these things, which is similar to Taurus’ attitude to problems related to bank accounts or their lover.

The possessiveness in Taurus love is a strong point making determination, patience, persistence and persuasiveness. But if it is expressed negatively, it can turn into stubbornness, blind prejudice and lack of rationality.

Taurus love – The ways of expression

This zodiac sign is symbolized by a lovely baby, so Taurus love is feelings shown by the body (give and take unconditionally). Because a baby think of love with only happiness and interesting things, (s)he is proud of it and of course, respects it. Therefore, Taurus accept and respond to love with senses, but they haven’t learned the way to analyze its true values.

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