Taurus and Scorpio compatibility – Two poles of a magnet

Taurus and Scorpio can be totally silent when they feel something attractive, and absolutely do not express it, regardless of words or gestures. Each covertly and quietly observes the other, sometimes together they catch sight of each other. The calm yet delicate gaze of Taurus, the beautiful deep eyes of Scorpio, all are extremely attractive. These two zodiacs are quite compatible with each other. Keep reading the analysis below to understand more about Taurus and Scorpio compatibility.

Taurus and Scorpio compatibility

When Taurus and Scorpio first met, there seem to be a lot of things in common. Quiet, isolated and not express themselves often, the two zodiacs are like porcupines putting the spines to the large world. It seems that this common point links two worlds together. Either do they start a very long conversation or they will end the story insipidly.

Staying together because of the appealing and sympathetic feeling, Taurus and Scorpio will get along well. To love a passionate and ardent Scorpio, Taurus will find themselves dreamier. To love a deep and caring Taurus, Scorpios find the things they have been always searching for: attention and sincerity. These two zodiacs will secretly respect and admire each other. They find several parts that are lacking and longing to fulfill it. The life around seems to be overshadowed by all the love in the world of Taurus and Scorpio.

Despite that, the relationship also has its dark sides. Both being quiet and having little expression but behind the seemingly similar personality, they are very different. Being a dry, solid and strong zodiac, Taurus find it difficult to express their feeling, even when inside they crave for the desire to share their concerns and the overwhelming emotion of love. Scorpio, facing the world with the cold defense, they stay in doubt and cautious to everything. Deep inside that cold appearance is the fear of being betrayed when opening up to others.

Not only the way Taurus and Scorpio approach the world but it is also the deepest instinct that make them feel difficult to tune in with each other. The soul and feeling of Scorpion are like a powerful storm. It is seemingly invisible, yet elusive. Both Taurus and Scorpio are stubborn.

Taurus woman and Scorpio man

The Taurus woman and Scorpio man will create the most charming couple that we have ever known. Taurus’s stability is a wonderful supplement to Scorpio’s strong personality. There is a close connection, sharing of experiences, resources and feelings between Taurus and Scorpio. Although sometimes their relationship lacks romance or passion, it is able to be maintained in a long time.

The female Taurus needs to broaden her mind and develop her knowledge in all fields of life to match the male Scorpio’s challenges. About Scorpio, to conquer Taurus, he should have more intimate actions such as whispering or touching her hands. At the beginning of relationship, this couple doesn’t concern others’ comments but challenge their mutual loyalty, sincerity and seriousness themselves.

Possessiveness is one of the most typical Taurus traits. However, it is even inferior to that of Scorpio. This man allows himself to control every action of the female Taurus. This relationship can only continue if each of them is able to accept this feature of the other.

Taurus and Scorpio can attach to each other forever, but if this relationship breaks down, its ending can be very intense. Both of them will desire the revenge since they feel like they are betrayed.

Taurus man and Scorpio woman

“Do seduce me!” – That’s words written on the forehead of the Taurus man. This man always hopes that the Scorpio woman will do everything to flirt him. Initially, Taurus and Scorpio create a romantic love. However, passions will keep them together during the life. Their relationship develops sustainably through commitments that they share with each other.

This combination is a good choice since Taurus needs to be motivated while Scorpio is good at cheering somebody up. Besides, both of them absolutely believe in the marriage. Therefore, if this relationship comes to an end, it is like “hell”.

In work, Taurus and Scorpio are wonderful partners. They are hard-working, responsible and devoted in all tasks. When working together, they can learn from each other and build a long career.

The advice for the combination between Taurus and Scorpio

This couple is attracted to each other like two poles of a magnet. But there are still problems since some of their personalities seem contrasting. They can also be companions if each side tries to change themselves to match the other.

The Scorpio is a little bit stubborn. This is the basic factor making this relationship deteriorate in spite of their affection. If Scorpio doesn’t want to be the main reason leading to the cold wars with Taurus, s(he) should avoid being too stubborn.

In love affair, each of them puts absolute trust in the other. But this isn’t enough to maintain their relationship if both of them don’t really want to be in love.

Taurus and Scorpio compatibility percentage: 60%

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