The secrets of Virgo love

For Virgo, love is a close connection which is established by both sides. They want to feel that they are important and needed in their partner’s lives. Once they realize their relationship on the verge of the breakdown, they will actively give it up. That’s descriptions about Virgo love. To know more, follow us to uncover secrets of Virgo love with this writing.

Virgo love – The love of adults

The Leo soul will realize the summer is coming to an end and regret to reach the new horizon of a crop ahead through the manifestation of “the soul of Indian summer” – Virgo. The attribute of female comes back again and reminds the virgin that duties are attached to the growth. “I analyze” – That’s what Virgos say defensively.

This is the first time this evolved soul has become an adult who is bored with abiding by social rules and restriction. However, this person still complies with these principles with the inborn courtesy. Both men and women discover that if they want others to meet their demands, they will have to serve those people in another way. The power of Virgo love says that it’s essential to work and earn money – being useful. That’s when they can be free to relax. In the second experience with Earth element and the role of the mutable communicator, the clock and plans are quite important. The first experience was disappointing (at the level of Gemini). Both ideas and ideals rank behind requirements of job or study. There is no time to dream anymore. Virgo pays all attention to study better or catch up with the flow of market. Study and competition are compulsory, so living nearly becomes the obsession with these youngsters.

Like the image they represent (adults), the soul of Virgo sees that there are so many things around to criticize. And they resent that why they lose the innocence of childhood. Besides, they don’t have any certain ideas of what are waiting for them ahead. More work, more things to learn, more responsibilities or anything else? If this is true, it’s time Virgo must face the real life as soon as possible. Disadvantages of humans become extreme in the eyes of Virgo. Unless Virgos achieve success, their lives and other’s can’t continue. The summer is going to end and the fall is coming. Why does everybody still laugh and play outside? Virgos are cranky and anxious. They don’t know how to warn the irresponsible that the season of happiness is coming to an end. Their heart, as you can see, is still pure and full of hope, but their mind is completely controlled.

The first eagerness of Leo has been replaced by tolerance and secret desires in Virgo love. Virgos are swept away by the fear of standing on their own foot, so they insist that wasting time or evading responsibilities isn’t allowed. It is also necessary to be more cautious in cognition. Though they are ruled by Mercury, the soul has learned that wasting their precious energy (like at the level of Gemini) is impossible. Like a virgin, in Virgo love, they are at the boundary of awareness. They will respond to the call of the true ruling planet (Vulcan) even though it hasn’t been discovered by astronomers yet. But recent findings have shown that it starts to exert impacts on all souls of Virgo.

Good points in Virgo love: sharp intellect, courtesy, helpfulness, practicality and honesty. But weak points are overcriticism, stubbornness, shyness and pessimism.

The souls of virgin love themselves. In Virgo love, they remember only half of “enthusiasm of youth”, but still not fully awake. They vaguely feel passions waiting ahead. Vulcan will reveal to them soon. For them, Virgo love is the renunciation of themselves, being a secret that they don’t want to uncover. Therefore, they spare energy to give out the best in work. And though Virgos are devoted, the real meaning of Virgo love is buried deep in their heart.

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