The secrets of Pisces love

Pisces love – The love of those who are extremely sensitive and dreamy is full of secrets. If you are interested in the journey to discover these mysteries, follow us with secrets of Pisces love below.

Pisces love – The love of dreamers

The soul was born to be an innocent Aries, so it will also “die” (symbolically) or leave Earth to gain the perception of Pisces love. At the level of Pisces, they start realizing the mysteriousness of time like a permanent present. They are also able to look at the past, present and future as a unified whole (at many different levels). This is the last journey of the soul with Water element – the fourth (last) move as a mutable communicator – the last experience under the impacts of femininity.

Ideally, at the level of Pisces love, the soul reaches the enlightment on the long path through experienced secrets of love by the front zodiac signs. If not, the soul need to return again at a certain level in the circle of animals to learn what they haven’t instilled yet. But such a return might bring the deeper understanding compared to lessons in this zodiac – A deep desire must contain all quintessence of this level except negative things. Apparently, the souls become more progressive and return the Earth one more time to save other souls in the dark. However, we are discussing the model of a normal and standard Pisces love, aren’t we?

Both males and females, at the level of Pisces love, have experienced 12 stages of the initiation at least one time. Many of them have been required to return and withdraw hundreds of time because Pisces is the most difficult level among 12 levels to understand and capture. Normally, nobody can complete this task at the first time of passing through the circle of life unless that person has strong desires and will. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to do that, but few people choose it. That’s the reason why Pisces is an “old soul” according to the astrology. And not all Pisces men and women are a thumbnail image of the subtle soul. That also explains why some Pisces swim dangerously in water near the flame of the hell. Fish live in two worlds – both Paradise and Hell.

With the mysterious wisdom of Neptune, Pisces know that sadness and ugliness are not a part of God’s plans. And it is the wisdom that motivates them to avoid negative vibrations from the Earth. Therefore, Pisces often avoid tension by opium, wine, reverie, artistic creativity, the development of physolophical theories…Pisces can become teacher, monk, nun, a secretive person, artist, musician, composer, mathematician or sensitive scientists. They might also choose to be engulfed by addiction or wine. It’s really complicated for souls since these experiences are full of temptation.

Because they have experienced all, Pisces have the inborn empathy with problems or people around. Souls of Neptune are so familiar with vicissitudes of the life, understand human weaknesses, so they tends to be compassionate rather than critical. Consequently, they usually get secrets, tests, anxiety and fears of other individuals. But their first instinct is escaping from troubles in any forms. Only when Pisces regain the courage to cope with their own issues, do they uncover all secrets of Neptune.

Through the death of a human ego, the soul becomes more tolerant, tender and understand clearly their relationship with the Creator of birth… And Pisces insist that “I believe”. To recognize full magnificence and all truth of Pisces love, they might retain the innoce of Aries, the patience of Taurus, the cognition of Gemini, consciousness of Cancer, the nobility of Leo, the sharpness of Virgo, the criticism of Libra, the lucidity of Scorpio, the honesty of Sagittarius, the wisdom of Capricorn and the humanity of Aquarius (if they want). But sometimes, pieces of that understanding and mysterius ability make Pisces embarrassed. They may choose the easiest way – being subdued.

Good points in Pisces love: endurance, sympathy, sensitiveness, cognition of spirituality, understanding of souls… But bad points in Pisces love: shyness, fear, masochism, laziness, deception and lack of will.

Pisces love is a submission – satisfy the lover’s desires to become a whole. Pisces feel satisfied when giving (not receiving) and get happy to serve others (not being served). However, secrets of Neptune give Pisces souls a test (love affair and sex at the same time).

By avoiding those kinds of relationship, Pisces escape from the risk of sticking to a love commitment in the long run. Those who are able to refuse the temptation will be rewarded with the decryption of the last secret of Pisces love.

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