The secrets of Leo love

Leo-borns always incline towards love, but what they call Leo love is sometimes not the true love. In this sense, they wish to shine, have love and respect of people around. Keep reading secrets of Leo love below and have fun with them!

Leo love – The love of dictators

The Cancer juvenile becomes a youngster spectacularly. The gleam of Leo love is expressed with first manifestations of confidence and pride. Now the soul has known (or admitted) who (s)he is. Leo is aware of effects of positiveness and manliness along with impacts of Fire element (stronger compared to the level of Aries). This world belongs to Leo men or women, so looking at the mirror, Leos will be so proud of their outward appearance and say “I will”. The summer has reached its most brilliant period with the beauty of afternoons and glorious sunshine while Leos become self-conscious gradually.

The ideal of youth stirs Leos and makes them excited about the rudimentary knowledge of sex. This desire is so strong that suspicions of Leo’s values are buried under the outward vanity. Once having played the role of a “fixed organizer” at the second time, the Leo souls will know more clearly what they need to do. It’s necessary to use experiences and explain to other people confidently. They feel that they need to be responsible for their own lives and support those who need their protection. However, the Leo man or woman is like a youngster in the real life, still seeking the safety in the form of lauds, cowering when mocked because (s)he hasn’t been a true woman/man yet.

The soul has had a lot of experiences of a newborn, a baby, a kid and a juvenile, so Leos help others with full sympathy for the weaker. At the level of Leo, the soul has no desires for maltreating others. Generosity is committed to the memory of Leos due to wiped tears at the level of Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. Though Leos have learned that it’s essential to tolerate and forgive their enemy, they haven’t learned the way to respect the wisdom of seniors.

Like true youngsters, Leos think that they know all answers and impatient with those who doubt their new knowledge of the world. The Leo soul worships the Sun since it’s the ruling planet of Leo – the source of life and power. Leos admire and be admired, love and be loved. Once their social lives begin, the excitement of Leo love builds up gradually and finally flourishes. Leo love is warm, which brings Leo youngsters both excitement and disappointment. The power of Leo men’s manliness or Leo women’s femininity makes them aware or self-esteem and their importance through contacts with the opposite sex. Both males and females are no long restricted by the power of parents. The bridge connecting between childhood and adulthood has been completed. Leos are also conscious of responsibilities attached to the growth but still not consider them as strains. The life is full of light and the past has already passed. The future is ahead and the present is the time to relax. Leos decide that their intellect is necessary for the world and Leos are willing to share it. Only by giving unsuspected demands, Leos can keep their image as leaders.

Positive features in Leo love: warm, generous, noble, strong, loyal, attractive… But negative sides in Leo love: arrogant, futile, violent and tyrannical.

At the level of a youngster, Leo love means romance or a love song full of ideals and beauty. Leos love with all affection and the entire soul. Leos bring their love to everyone since that makes them happy when doing voluntary work. That also bring the gratitude and respect which they need from their lover. But they will feel insulted if they have to make concessions. Therefore, they can’t understand the deepness of love or the true values of sacrificing their ego.

Are you satisfied with above truth of Leo love?

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