The secrets of Aquarius love

Aquarius love is full of sensitiveness and romance. Love plays a very important role in their life because it is a great inspiration to them. Let’s find out secrets of Aquarius love to understand more about above statements.

Aquarius love – The love of the sensitive

When reaching the level of Aquarius, the soul feels that it’s necessary to respond to what Aquarius have received in life. The rejuvenation period of Aquarians begins. They will show their knowledge, but wonder about sharing it before leaving this planer to explore new things in the afterlife.

Aquarius last feel the stir of manliness and positiveness as a fixed organizer in the last experience with Air element. They are a quiz for both friends and relatives when being excited about outlandish clothes. Their erudition and experience contrast with generosity and eccentricity. There are too many secrets overlooked in the past since they don’t have enough time to uncover one by one. That’s the reason why Aquarius have to try all – find out every shade. They are delighted to make other people shocked and suddenly realize that they are unable to explain their prophesy. With wonderful intuition and sensitiveness, Aquarius can see through others. They are rational to make a conclusion of truth without efforts.

At the level of Aquarius love, the soul tends to escape from rules and power since their spirit exists only in the future world. They know that rigid rules can be compromised sooner or later. As a result, Aquarius-borns have no reasons to respect what will evolve into something new. If it’s necessary to use street violence to get comradeship and understanding, they find it deserving. Though they support changes for the world, Aquarians are still consistent with their own opinions, rules and lifestyle. These things refeclt contradictions inside their ruling planet – Uranus.

The soul is now on the threshold of the true humanity. For unprejudiced people, everyone is friends of each other regardless of their values. Aquarius have learned that each person is unique with the collective of men, women or with nature. However, private relationships are neglected by Aquarians because they pursue the idealism in which all parts of society get benefits. Like the Aquarius era, the soul in this stage always imagines a prosperous and glorious future. We reach this future only by remove all old customs and habits to make way for the development of human spirit. If many old-fashioned people feel insulted by Aquarius’ action, Aquarius will laugh at them. They consider that a part of the future is grasped by their intuition, so they will reply “I know” to all questions and perversely refuse to let others know why they know about it.

Good qualities in Aquarius love: vision, individuality, endurance, friendliness, intensity, uniqueness and genius. But bad points in Aquarius love are eccentricity, neurosis, indifference, forgetfulness and lack of cooperation.

For them, Aquarius love is an objective feeling which needs discovering. Aquarians know the scope of love and try to explore all its aspects. Sometimes, they confuse Aquarius love with friendship. The fullness in physical relationships leaves the empty of emotions. They fail in feeling the secrets of harmonzing with the lover. And this is the ultimate truth of Aquarius love which is waiting to be discoverd in the dark – a secret beyond the understanding of Uranus guarded by Neptune.

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