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Humble and attractive, those born from October 23rd to November 21st own distinct Scorpio traits. With abundant energy and intellect, they are innate leaders. Anythings else? What do you know about Scorpio traits? Let’s discover general information of this constellation with this article.

Scorpio Traits

  • Element: Water
  • General quality: Fixed
  • Icon: Scorpion
  • Ruling planet: Pluto, Mars 
  • Goddess embodied: Hares (God of War), Hades (God of Hell)
  • Date: Tuesday
  • Strengths: resourceful, brave, passionate
  • Weakness: distrusting, jealous, secretive, violent
  • Favorite color: scarlet, red, rust
  • Body part: reproductive organs
  • Symbol letter: the stylized M ()
  • Lucky number: 2; 7; 9
  • Lucky stone: Aquamarine, Obsidian, Apache Tear…

General introductions of Scorpio traits

Scorpio traits of appearance

One of the most outstanding Scorpio traits is appearance. The face with sharp lines, especially hypnotic eyes create the special attractiveness for this constellation. There are no words to express the feeling when you look into their eyes. Someone believe beautiful eyes are what makes Scorpion highly impressive.

About body, Scorpio has either petite or bulky figure. Male Scorpios are extremely and attractive while females are irresistible. Their outward beauty radiates from their mysteriousness.

Scorpio personality traits

Positive Scorpio traits

Exceptionally intelligent

Scorpio is never absent in the rankings of the most intelligent constellations. It’s no exaggeration to say that they were born  with outstanding intelligence. They own flexibility, analytical mind and brilliant mind. Hence, other people are full of admiration for their high intellect – one of the typical Scorpio traits.

Absolutely self-confident

Conscious of their talents and qualities, Scorpios are extremely self-confident. It’s difficult to see a Scorpio showing his fear or hesitation in front of challenges. They are able to keep calm in all cases because they believe nothing is impossible. They also look down on insults from bad guys. Among Scorpio traits, this personality makes them much more appealing and admirable.

Strong & brave

Scorpio is believed to be the symbol of the strength among 12 zodiac signs. Another of the prominent Scorpio traits is great bravery. They are so persistent to face difficulties including physical pains, poverty and even death. They welcome all incidents and shocks with the deep trust in victories.


Scorpios are people of honesty. They hate lies, affectation and flattery. If you want to appreciate yourself, ask a Scorpio since he will give you straight answers.

Astute & Observant

Scorpios are not only intelligent but intuitive as well. They can see through others’ thoughts easily. They are excellent at observing real motives and the inner of people around. Only by observation, Scorpios can guess what they are thinking. Although such Scorpio traits make others fear, we can’t deny their astuteness and subtleness. They truly possess the ability of “psychological doctors”.

Negative Scorpio traits

Cold & mysterious

Known as the most mysterious zodiac, Scorpio is a person of secrets. Scorpio traits of personality are difficult to understand. Cold and good at controlling all emotions, they are unapproachable in people’s eyes. Others seldom see the emotional changes on their face. All they show out is a poker face. But, in a way, the coldness is only the hiding of strong feelings which they don’t want to express.

Extreme emotions

Scorpios mostly hide their passions, so their feelings are often pushed up to the extreme. Once they love someone, they will love without regret. But once they hate somebody, they will hate everything related to them. That explain why they often take their revenge on enemies in a long time. Besides, Scorpios usually fall into the emotional instability: easy to get angry, sometimes impossible to understand, always doubtful… Under some circumstances, such Scorpio traits turn them into lonely people.

Control freak

One of the representative Scorpio traits is the tendency to control everything. They are said to be control freaks. The habit of judging people according to their subjective opinions is the signal of this Scorpio personality. It’s expressed mainly in Scorpio love. Of course, they also appear to impose their own wishes on others. If there is something spinning out of their control, they will think of revenging those who make that change. Even if they are undervalued, Scorpios will be ready to attack the opponents to prove their ability.

Envious & aggressive

Good Scorpio traits including confidence cannot bury the jealousy of this constellation. These individuals are proud of their own talents but still envy with others’ strengths. The culprit behind this is they are too confident to recognize people’s gift. When someone gain certain success, Scorpios will find out their faults to gainsay the outcome.

If they are attacked, they immediately turn back and fight no matter how strong their enemies are. Certainly, nothing is able to ensure their victory. But for them, failure is something unacceptable.

Scorpio health traits

Scorpio health is completely under their control. They are gifted with so much vitality. They seldom get sick but once being ill, they often have to endure from serious diseases. Scorpios’ popular illnesses are problems of the nose (epistaxis), throat, heart, back and legs. The disregard of dangers probably causes many accidents for them.

Scorpio study traits

With high IQs, Scorpios hardly have any difficulties in the study. Advantages among Scorpio traits make others jealous. Scorpio’s eager to learn helps them collect much information, knowledge and useful experiences. Those born under this zodiac have the ability to focus on something, so they learn by heart quickly. But they shouldn’t look down on study-in-group since it’s really beneficial.

Scorpio traits of career & finance

“I want” is the word of mouth. Their abilities are suitable for responsibilities of the manager, problem solver and idea contributor. When they set goals, nothing can prevent them. They tackle science-related work effectively. Great concentration and working skills allow them to become leaders of handling issues.

Suitable careers for Scorpio: scientist, researcher, detective, policeman, manager and psychologist. These people value the mutual respect in work. They want colleagues to respect them and vice versa.

Thanks to discipline and ability, Scorpios are quite affluent. Some of them are lucky because they are inherited a hefty fortune. In all cases, they are true owners of their money due to the reasonable expenditure. They often hold in hands many treasures and think carefully before making financial decisions.

Scorpio friends and family

Loyal and kind are outstanding Scorpio traits in the friendship. To make friends with someone, they need lots of time to understand and challenge. But as friends, their relationships with Scorpios will be sustainable. They love faith and thereby incline to lasting friendships. They’re willing to sacrifice for intimates when needed. But if they discover the betrayal, it’s so difficult to placate them. Scorpios hate the affectation, flattery and shallow thinking. Those who own these characteristics cannot live with Scorpio.

Enthusiastic, deep and decisive – Those Scorpio traits are explanations for the hiding of real feelings. They dislike showing emotions in front of others. However, the fact remains that they are people of the family. They know the ways to spend their time with relatives. They bring laughter for their family even in the most difficult situations. Therefore, family members put an absolute trust in Scorpio.

Scorpio traits in love

“Peace and quiet” cannot be used to describe Scorpio love. Among 12 zodiacs, Scorpios are known with intense emotions. They are strong and loyal but full of jealousy. Once falling in love, Scorpios love with all their heart and faithful until the death. Nevertheless, it takes them a long time to choose their lover. They want to build the belief and understand the other half thoroughly. With such Scorpio traits, they certainly dream of intelligent and honest lovers.

How to conquer a male Scorpio?

Respect his privacy

At first dates, you can feel curious about a male Scorpio  since he seems secretive. But don’t hurry. At the beginning of the relationship, you should put a limit to questions. You can ask him about some fields like hobbies, movies or favorite food. You will have chances to impress him more. Trust me! He will regard this as your respect to his privacy.

Take control of your emotions

Overtalkative or lose control of your emotions due to alcoholic drinks? No, you will be listed as a boring girl by this man. Your inability to control emotional changes doesn’t blend with Scorpio traits. So if you want to make good impressions with him, learn how to control yourself every time.

Pretty and sexy

Being one of the most attractive constellations, Scorpio will pay attention to the appearance of the opposite sex. A gorgeous girl might not make him enthralled. But a girl with a little sexiness which exudes from appearance and demeanor surely makes him ecstatic.

Sincere and persistent

If you are overwhelmed by his coldness and arrogance, you can fail. Instead, be sincere in talks with him. Don’t forget to show your persistence when listening to his stories. Initially, you might get discouraged by his unapproachability, but then you will be able to open his heart step by step.

How to conquer a female Scorpio?

Show your confidence

Outstanding with absolute confidence, there’re no reasons for a female Scorpio valuing the lack of confidence. To conquer a female Scorpio, remember Scorpio traits including this key factor. If she considers you as a person lacking self-confidence, she will leave you as soon as possible.


Like male Scorpios, females are astute enough to know what kind of people you are. Don’t conquer them by sweet words since this is useless. It even leads to bad impressions with a Scorpio girl. Show your sincerity by specific actions – That’s the key to attract such an arrogant woman.

Keep secrets

Secrets are a part of Scorpio traits. That’s true. So if a Scorpio girl intends to reveal them to you, congratulations! Because she really has feelings with you. But imagine her attitude if she discovers that her secrets have been publicized. Awful! To avoid such a situation, don’t forget to learn to keep her secrets. She will love you because of not only your discreet but also reliability.


I think loyalty is men’s quality which all girls seek for, not just Scorpios. But you know, people of this sign particularly hate the betrayal. As a result, faith is one of the top qualities of the ideal lover for a Scorpio girl.

With those above Scorpio traits, are you confident enough to become a friend or a lover of these people?

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