Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility – The love of weirdos

What will happen when the two most intelligent, secretive and coldest zodiac signs – Scorpio and Aquarius fall in love with each other? Read this analysis below to collect more details of Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility.

Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility

Love of Scorpio and Aquarius is like the convergence of mysteries. They are secretive but in different ways, so each of them is enthralled by this trait of the partner. Aquarius loves to discover new things and thereby (s)he will see Scorpio as a quiz awakening Aquarius’s curiosity. In a similar way, it’s impossible for Scorpio to understand what happens in Aquarius’s mind even though Scorpio is still known as the genius in reading other’s thought. That’s also the reason why Scorpio finds Aquarius so special. The love between them commences with two arrogant people eager to discover each other.

This must be the couple beginning with the most intense passion in the zodiac circle. The most bizarre person in the group of air signs and the most rebellious one in the group of water signs. Their relationship promises a lot of interestingĀ things and novelty every day. Scorpio and Aquarius are intelligent and support each other well, which makes people around envy. Scorpio can respond Aquarius’s sayings which others can’t understand and vice versa. Aquarius is willing to cooperate with Scorpio’s sarcasm for others.

However, both Scorpio and Aquarius don’t accept they are people in weak positions. When differences and difficulties appear, their big ego creates the rifts in this relationship. That’s the culprit behind the breakdown of their love afterward.

Scorpio woman and Aquarius man

The Scorpio woman is difficult to find what they are expecting from Aquarius’s love. They two cannot make a long-term relationship, but they can completely be good friends. Firstly, this girl likes Aquarius because of his outgoing personality and wisdom. The male Aquarius is quite stubborn and often provokes the female Scorpio. This makes her angry so much. If she wants to listen to sweet words from Aquarius, it’s mostly unfeasible since he’s not talkative. I’m afraid that they are inharmonious in many aspects.

Scorpio man and Aquarius woman

No matter how long they stay together, Scorpio and Aquarius don’t feel boring. Both of them are fond of exploring their own spiritual life with layers of thought. If they learn how to accept their mutual nature, their love will become more stable. The Aquarius woman helps Scorpio be more sociable while the Scorpio man helps her express real feelings. They are one of the few harmonious couples without losing each person’s character. Their relationship will be a good combination between friendship and love.

Aquarius seems a little superficial and cold in love, which makes Scorpio worry. This derives from their different viewpoints in relationships. She regards friendship as the most important one while he respects love the most. In addition, Aquarius dislikes the desire of Scorpio for analyzing everything because she often approaches everything on their surface.

If two of them get married, these differences will lead to conflicts.

Advice for the combination between Scorpio and Aquarius

Let me tell you some secrets to improve Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility. Initially, don’t bring 100% of your intelligence to love since it breaks the romance of love. Sometimes this makes both of you think that you are competitors in a hunger game, not lovers. In some cases, it will be wise to pretend to be naive in order that you will be pampered like a kid.

These two constellations are different in personality, but they still have the opportunities to stay together if each side knows to adjust the attitude. In fact, Aquarius is changeable when being influenced by Scorpio. Providing that Scorpio is subtle enough to manage his/ her own emotions and don’t force the partner to do what s(he) wants, their future can be still perfect

Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility percentage: 50%

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