Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility
Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility

Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility- A perfect choice for both sides

Sagittarius and Aquarius have really great personal ability to develop and help fix the other’s shortcomings. They have the same mindset. Each of them appreciates the support from the other to achieve life goals. Now I will show you everything fascinating about Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility with the findings below.

Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility

The relationship between a Sagittarius and Aquarius is such a miracle and the friendship between them is often quite attached. Although they are prone to have controversy, this helps increase intimacy between them. Their argument will be fairly gentle if Aquarius can overpower the frankness from Sagittarius. When Aquarius are angry, it is best to go right away until they calm down and turn back to a normal mode. Sagittarius and Aquarius have a weird hobby to push matters to peak and feel excited to come over it with their keen thinking.

In the quarrel, the powerful words of Sagittarius tend to be softened before getting to Aquarius. No one feels angry in the end. They even start a debate just to get ideas for later problems. Arguments in a relationship are not always a bad thing. The differences and passion for adventure enable them to have a life full of smiles and happiness. They both like to travel and seek to discover new things. They are always the center of everything.

They are capable of refreshing the relationship. If they are friends or brothers or sisters, they often head in terms of searching, information collecting and being the center of others. If they are lovers they can nurture the relationship by common interests. If they are parents and children, they can link all family members together. When working, Aquarius may be more responsible.

So is Sagittarius and Aquarius compatible? There may be some concerns in the relationship of Sagittarius and Aquarius. The tornado of Aquarius and the fire of Sagittarius when arguing can make it easier to have serious quarrels. On the other hand, the frankness of Sagittarius can sometimes penetrate the feelings of Aquarius, making them separate. There might also be some disagreements in decision making as Sagittarius and Aquarius do not think too much. Their common slogan is “just do it”.

Sagittarius woman and Aquarius man

I regret to say that they are an imperfect combination for love and marriage. Their relationship develops slowly and naturally. Both Sagittarius and Aquarius choose the single life instead of bonds. Living alone is really ideal for these two people. When breaking up, each of them will deny all connection and regard the other partner as a stranger.

There are some disparities between them. With the Aquarius man, love is nearly a religion while the female Sagittarius values the romance. He often hides his own passion, but she’s extremely enthusiastic.

Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman

“Romantic” is the inappropriate word to describe this couple. When being together, Sagittarius and Aquarius are practical in everything. They spend much time understanding each other before publicizing their love. The intimacy between them is expressed not only by loving gestures (holding hands, hugging or kissing) but also by the care for each other. The most important thing in their relationship is the comfortable space.  If it breaks down, they won’t be too disappointed since they think that they haven’t found the true love yet.

This couple is perhaps not the good combination for marriage. The female Aquarius has secret passions while Sagittarius loves the life. They also don’t concern family or friends too much. Even when having children, both of them still prioritize the social life since they want to be recognized independently. Sagittarius and Aquarius need to have their own space to think about private rules.

In friendship, Sagittarius and Aquarius are harmonious friends, but they cannot become intimates.

Advice for the combination between Sagittarius and Aquarius

Both of them should know that Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility is based on freedom and independence in their thought. This is also the key to keep them by their side during the lifetime. Only when they accept differences between two of them and handle all issues arising, can their love last forever.

Being persistent with what both make plans in the future is also crucial. There are principles which only insiders understand. Outsiders can feel a little weird, but don’t change anything due to this. It is those special rules that make them living comfortably together.

Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility: 90%

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