Pisces traits
Pisces traits

Pisces traits and information

Pisces (19/2 – 20/3), Latin is Pisces, bathed in soft as water, warm and easy to slip like soap bubbles. So people in the Pisces traits hunch like demon arts. Music, poetry, art and dance are ways to express his own tenderness.

Pisces traits

Properties of Pisces traits

Pisces is third zodiac symbolizes water, which is also the last star in the zodiac whole.

The sign of Pisces traits

Fish in water symbolizes the vanity of this constellation. But with cords to tighten two fish together, as well as the existence between the spiritual and the material in the constellation Pisces people leads to feelings arise not leave cranberry tangerine.

Star’s commandment Pisces

Neptune taken represented Poseidon’s base the star constellation on Pisces, he found deep in the ocean, can operate freely in the sea, mystical and very illusive, also represent a clean – one of Pisces traits.

The allure of the Pisces constellation

Romantic Personality of the constellation Pisces charm that can not be imagined. With a rich imagination and empathy, slightly shy nature, mysticism, the more they do not love others can not be.

Disadvantages of the Pisces

People in the constellation Pisces anytime, anywhere, can also fall in love. They always do the easiest intended, do not use their intellect. They have only one reason to love, so when love ends they may very tottering in distress.

Pisces traits – General know

  • Element: Water
  • General quality:
  • Icon: fish
  • Ruling planet: Neptune
  • God embodied: Poseidon
  • Date: Tuesday
  • Strengths: romance, kindness
  • Weakness: lazy, sensitive
  • Favorite color: purple, gray, blue
  • Body part: feet
  • Stone of luck: Moon agar, emerald quartz
  • Lucky Number: 7, 16, 25, 34

Special personalities of Pisces


  • Unusual in emotional of Pisces traits are very rich, romantic, amorous. They have broken kindness, gentle personality, intuition and artistic. They have to sacrifice myself, calcination personality contained many changes, will also not consistent, often influenced by the side that is not easy to make accurate judgments.
  • Pisces traits are in the final of the 12 zodiac, focus 11 points in the original constellation itself, of course, also brought together 11 cons. Therefore, the news magazine and separation in their personalities and heads of the 12 zodiac. Also, Pisces also susceptible of the most superficial world. Pisces traits in their character, sensitive, ethereal thoughts, but realistically, tend to flee reality.
  • They are a bit like children, extravagant desires and very adventurous, reflecting the excitement and radical. But luck goddess often condescend to this constellation, but if luck is of course seen the danger will increase, so correcting themself.
  • From the advantages that said people from very wealthy Pisces compassion, can protect devoted, praying or mental suffering to treat emotional wounds of a friend. They understand the meaning capital of others, frank and mesmerizing, making friends feel extremely warm. But they lack the courage to face the reality. They are easy to make people think of “water”. Their personalities are clear and there are many places very much like sea waves suddenly, deep and rippling tide insurgency. Sentiments of people of Pisces is like the waves roll movement, deep and intense, so have experienced the pain of love. The world has many well-known artist, born present trend of strong Pisces traits, it is cleverly making their emotional surge more uplifted, putting them in the art and has created countless masterpieces handed world.
  • Pisces traits are extremely romantic, okay withstand mechanized lifestyles, strict discipline and follow the proprieties a principle, not change. They often “stand this mountain looks the other mountains” are no targets, changing from one thing and another, from one goal to another goal, very depressed, should have focused new academic mentality.

Pisces traits in career


Idler, the lack of action, they are often lost in illusion. They are great thinker but trivial actions. Their creed is “luck, wait”. In fact, luck is only for those who strive, wait just a waste of time, but do not wait to be life. Laziness is the negative fact alone, brought their lives thrown into the unreal, but do not want once fought, save yourself. Laziness is also a waste of precious lives. In trivial things, striving can help people in the constellation Pisces promote all their intelligence level, do things which genius can do, even the genius work did not. Persons traits under the appropriate constellation with the creative work so that the most appropriate professional music, dance, theater design, art charity, the coastal scientific research …

Pisces traits in love

  • Pisces traits in love are intimate and considerate care will have experience in the beautiful love. Many of Pisces very amorous, but for every love is always very serious. They have extremely romantic life, easy to fall in love sea. Hits their love seems far more than ordinary people. Whenever there appears a good condition, or who express their sympathy with intense, they will not curb the sentiments that arise circumstances reviews. Pisces traits in people are whom always pay attention to the romantic, dream-like illusion and textiles alone. For them to say, love is their life, just living is not without joy in love.
  • Because Pisces go through many love affair so they will be misunderstood as the unfaithful. But the fact they are not the friends who like change, even when used with a certain person, it would seriously and faithful. People may be suitable for persons of moderate Pisces is sincere, positive attitude.
  • Pisces traits in love, They love it once again recently married. Because of their responsibility congenital strong, making it difficult to provide the opportunity to meet as pure love game. If the age of marriage will always be people looking to replace, while also getting help from their predecessors. With their marriage and family are two factors to avoid the oscillation themselves. So the object of their marriage to a peaceful, caring and critical care is able to direct myself. If they are men, the wives are like sistesr is the most appropriate. If they are women, the husband become indulgent father is perfect.

Pisces traits – Pisces negative character:

Pisces is the virtue carefully horoscope, meticulous and fulfilling in every way. Besides the advantages, the Pisces have a weakness that needed to overcome the lack of confidence in ourselves and give up easily. So too careful and lack confidence in themselves so Pisces are thinking a lot before deciding on the matter, which sometimes causes Pisces to miss good opportunities for work and life. Also, Pisces traits are also needed to overcome another drawback that is easier to be discouraged and give up. Pisces should train themselves perseverance to overcome all difficulties and to

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