Libra love – a combination of mind and heart

With a sense of Libra, their soul had grown completely, aware now of light and shadow. During the struggle to climb to the summit of mature while still in Virgo, it was learned in this world (and in person) with simultaneous day and night – good and bad – light and dark. Moreover, Libra love is burned by attractive contrasts of men and women.
The experience has helped men and women Libra evaluate their friends fairly. Prior to the grant of Libra love, the soul has always focused mainly on itself. Now it widened out to first recognize the need for connecting with different people. The soul has now been equipped with the lessons of the previous 5 levels, completely can lead with strength and logic. Libra action with a blend of intelligence and knowledge gathered from a trip across the watery element and twice passed by the elements of Fire, Earth and Air. “I balance” Libra says, proud to have looked at by both sides. Because of the unjust will trample the conscience of Libra, so that every decision is made are difficult and painful. A hunch about social justice emerging, and in front of prejudice and intolerance, Libra usually endless debate, using the cold logic learned of Gemini and Virgo are honed sharp. But this method was soft goods with a new value of persuasion. Libra has achieved a seductive quality that he had discovered that it was the sure way to win, so he was very artistic which used chocolate for the ears voice and sunny smile that spread provincial and convince others of mìh discretion.

Libra love  – a combination of mind and heart

Libra love there is an awareness of the arts was formed – in music, art and romance. When the Libra reminds Virgo loneliness subconsciously, they will experience a sense of twisted intestine fundamental urge them to find their mate. Sentimental, but also very practical, Libra soul instinctively knows needs to shoulder a wave step, in both love and work, to balance life and satisfy your thirst for operating harmony ruling planet, Venus. However, the element of Libra – Air, is not easy to find a lover. When the good qualities and properties of future friend posted to the balance of Libra, they often cause great suffering because of indecision in sentiment. But over all, he – or she – has continued undeterred looking for someone to share the happiness and suffering of life. Fall for love will fade to a certain date, spring is best remembered was a very distant past, and there is one thing that Libra should always carefully remember: he – or she us- not to be alone when it was on the east. And like Libra respond to the beauty of the sunset, and felt that in all the splendor of its splendor, it was officially announced on a different night to reach our souls.

The positive qualities of Libra is justice, intelligent, charming, gentle, and emotional balance. The negative side of these qualities are laziness, procrastination, indecision, argumentative and take a selfie.
With Libra love, love is a combination of mind and heart – not too crazy, not too secluded – a moderately cheerful melody and shared balance. But her soul is so twisted with the beautiful appearance to be able to see through that totally see deeper combination. They realize that they are in love. Still not time for them to wonder why.

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