Libra and Aquarius compatibility – The modern couple

Libra and Aquarius – two zodiacs belonging to the group of air signs: the freest, the strangest and the most liberal. Do these common features make them find the empathy with each other and then become closer?

Libra and Aquarius compatibility

The Libra and Aquarius compatibility is highly appreciated. They have common hobbies in art and some unique fields. They don’t hesitate to share their limitations in life which they can’t do or can’t fix. A special thing in this relationship is that they don’t require much in their partner. When love falls into the tension, they are willing to give up: No quarrels or quickly break up.

Aquarius is considered as the most progressive thinker among 12 zodiac signs and they always have new ideas in all they do. Meanwhile, Libra is a diplomat who can help Aquarius feel balanced in both thoughts and actions. Libra sometimes thinks so much that (s)he becomes indecisive. But fortunately, this person has Aquarius stand by and help to make quicker decisions. Don’t think that Libra is helpless since this person can make Aquarius calm down when s(he) realises that the reality is different from what (s)he imagines.

In spite of having points to complement each other, Libra and Aquarius are hard to combine in business. The reason is both of them like social activities rather than working to earn money. However, if focus and try, they still come to success.

Libra woman and Aquarius man

Their mutual attraction is so strong. The Aquarius man is one of the smartest people Libra has ever known. She loves and respects what he can do. In return, Aquarius is always captivated by Libra’s voice and beauty. These two zodiac signs rarely criticise each other uncontrollably, so their debates don’t last long even in the worst situation. Both Libra and Aquarius desire freedom, so neither of them intends to take control of the other. They are extremely compatible, especially in their sense of humour. They inspire each other to find out new ideas, have more new relationships.

This couple are too free and liberal. They are willing to help their friends without thinking. Besides, for both of them, friendship is even more important than love. They can live without lovers, but can’t lack friends. This is one of their basic problems since they often come to friends to share everything instead of finding their lover.

Libra man and Aquarius woman

They are both people of freedom, so they will be excited about experiencing new things together. Their social instinct coincides surprisingly. Libra and Aquarius never feel bored and find nothing to talk when being together.

Their first concern isn’t themselves but other people. The thought of Aquarius in turning this world into a better place makes Libra impressed. Because of this reason, their combination surely contributes to a peaceful world.

There are also some barriers of Libra and Aquarius compatibility. They have no common viewpoints in finance management. Furthermore, letting the other be free sometimes is not good. Why? As far as I’m concerned, this can lead to unexpected emotional connections when both of them have so many chances to meet new ones. In other words, their relationship is at risk of breakdown due to outer effects.

The advice for the combination between Libra and Aquarius

Both Libra and Aquarius are intelligent, so their quarrels often derive from their own creativity in communication styles. So try to listen and analyze together. Aquarius should listen to Libra and choose the most favorable ideas together instead of taking long time to consider. About Libra, focus on something specific. Your creativity is special, so don’t make it useless because of conflicts between two of you.

Libra is interested in the position of an actor on the stage while Aquarius wants to do the work behind the scenes. They seldom become competitors, at least in work. I hope that their relationship will nourish and come to a happy ending.

Libra and Aquarius compatibility percentage: 100%

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