Virgo traits and information

Virgo (or called Virgo constellation – wiki) is often known as one of the most difficult-to-analyze zodiac signs. People born from August 23 to September 22 are individuals classified in this zodiac. Devoted, meticulous and elegant but overcritical as well as introverted are some typical Virgo traits. Is there anything else? If you want to know all about Virgo traits, don’t overlook this article because we will provide you with interesting information of this constellation right now.

Virgo Traits- General knowledge

  • Element: Air
  • General quality: Mutable
  • Icon: Virgin
  • Ruling planet: Mercury
  • Goddess embodied: Demeter (Goddess of harvest)
  • Date: Wednesday
  • Strengths: Hard-working, meticulous, realistic
  • Weakness: overly critical, shy
  • Favorite color: gray, blue, bright colors
  • Body part: intestine
  • Symbol letter: the stylized M
  • Lucky number: 2; 5; 7
  • Lucky stone: carnelian, sapphire, jasperzircon


General introductions of Virgo traits

Virgo traits about appearance

Virgo traits
Virgo traits – explore about virgo

Those who were born under this sign of zodiac are often characterized by light skin, round head, nice lips and big eyes. Generally, all details on their face are quite proportioned and harmonious. Especially, Virgos often have the high forehead, thin eyebrows and long fingers. Many people say that the most attractive feature among Virgo traits is their eyes since we can discover Virgos’ sharp intellect thanks to them. They also possess a fit body, not too tall and not too short. Don’t be surprised when you find it difficult to see a wrinkle or stain on their costume because these people value the importance of appearance.

Virgo personality traits

Intelligent & analytical

Astuteness and intelligence are outstanding Virgo traits. Virgos have a wonderful memory, good analytic skills and coherent thoughts. Excellent reasoning helps to solve many problems, so Virgos are admired by teammates, colleagues and others. Those who have ever talked with Virgos are impressed with their sharp intellect than any other Virgo traits.


With their intelligence, Virgos can achieve great success in their life. Nevertheless, they rarely boast what they have got. For them, there is no need to tell others about their accomplishment. Working hard and gaining good results are enough for individuals in this zodiac sign. Talented but not arrogant – These are honorable Virgo traits.


Virgos live quite independently. They appear not to worry about living alone and know how to look after themselves. However, these people can be affected by outer factors which badly impact their thoughts and characteristics.


It’s easy to recognize a Virgo in a crowd firstly because this person is absolutely unobtrusive, quiet and always keep a special demeanor. Pensiveness is often the shade shown on his/her face. But, in fact, such Virgo traits (outward expressions) are only the hiding of internal strong feelings.

The person of perfectionism

Virgo traits are well-known for perfectionism, meticulousness and carefulness. “Perfectionist” is likely the best word used to describe the Virgo personality. Those who were born under this zodiac sign always require everything perfect. They pay attention to details and don’t want to make mistakes. That explains why Virgos think thoughtfully before doing any work and check it carefully after completing. This feature leads to some related Virgo traits like the interest of cleanness. It occasionally makes individuals around annoyed. But sympathize for them if you can just because they only want everything to be under their control.

Extremely rational

If there is a competition to find out the most rational constellation, Virgo is surely the winner. Why? Simply because they think and act so rationally that nothing can make them get lost in vagueness. With logical thinking and alertness, they will be able to tackle all issues no matter what happens. As a result, it’s not difficult to understand why most people consult Virgo’s opinion when they are in trouble.


Hardly can you find out such a practical person as a Virgo. He seldom thinks of romance or something unrealistic. Instead, what associated with the real life such as career, finance, marriage… is all he concerns.


In people’s eyes, Virgos are true critics. Why? Because they can find faults in whatever others did. Virgos can’t accept if someone doesn’t comply with their own rules, for example, punctuality or cleanness. Sometimes, this makes Virgo become fastidious and unsociable. So if you want to make friends with Virgos, don’t forget to note such Virgo traits down and memorize them.


Along with criticism, conservativeness is one of the most unpleasant Virgo traits. They worship perfectionism and don’t accept people’s criticism or judgments. Although Virgos usually point out others’ mistakes, they hate being criticized. Seldom do they admit having done something wrong. Among numerous Virgo traits, this can be a factor making them obnoxious.


Don’t think that tolerance cannot coexist with criticism. You can dislike bad Virgo traits, but don’t think ill of them. Although Virgos are able to criticize you for your mistakes, this doesn’t mean they keep them in mind. By contrast, these people are easy to forgive others for what they did wrong. But if you hurt those who they love, Virgos will have troubles in forgetting all.


Kind and devoted, Virgos are cherished by almost everyone. TheseVirgo traits are expressed not only in their relationships with other but also in Virgo love. They are also regarded as loyal friends or lovers. So don’t hate them due to their disadvantages and look at good Virgo traits.

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Virgo health traits

The good news is Virgos are innate people unless they harm their health themselves by stress or overworking. They particularly care for their diet including eating nutritious food. With loads of work, they are at risk of catching stomach-related diseases or mental illness. Some of Virgo’s popular diseases are digestive disorders, headache, pains of limb joints, shoulders and back. These pains can be relieved with physical exercises like jogging or cycling. In general, thanks to the care for health, Virgos seldom suffer from serious illness.

Virgo study traits

Virgos favorite creative subjects which incline to artistic fields. Despite their intelligence, Virgos don’t master any subjects but learn them due to curiosity. They believe the real capacity is important, so they occasionally neglect the study. Besides, they are captivated by language-related subjects. In the class, they might not be the best students but the most elaborate ones.

Virgo career traits

“Let me analyze…” is their word of mouth. In work, Virgo traits are hard-working, analytical and practical. They know how to get the core of problems. Arranging work and time-management are good qualities among Virgo traits. They have their own rules and principles which help them complete all tasks as planned. When focusing on something, they will give their best to execute it as well as possible. So all success is the result of their constant efforts. In the workplace, they are reliable and responsible employees as well as talented leaders.

Having chequered career in youth, Virgos have many difficulties in building their career. However, this cannot prevent Virgos from proving themselves as successful people in societyGreat choices of Virgos’ job are science researcher, teacher, lecturer, nurse, writer, critic or translator.

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Virgo friends and family

Virgo is truly a person of family. They spend much time on taking care of and connecting family members. A Virgo husband or wife, without doubt, is a great choice in marriage.

Faithful, reliable, kind and frank are words used to describe Virgo traits in friendship. It is lucky for those who are friends of Virgos. When their friends face troubles, Virgos are exactly wonderful advisors. It is also difficult to make friends with them since they seem cold and unapproachable. They don’t have many friends because the quality of relationships (not quantity) is what they concern. But this Virgo personality doesn’t prevent him having close friendship in the long term.

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Virgo traits in love

It’s no exaggeration to say that Virgos are dream lovers. How to care and show their love to the other half isn’t a problem with them. Energetic and enthusiastic in love, Virgos expect to be understood by their lover though they don’t say in words. Seriousness and devotion are also known as noticeable Virgo traits in love. They are practical and careful in all decisions of love. Romantic, dreamy or imaginative are not words for Virgo love. For them, love is a close connection which is established by both sides. They want to feel that they are important and needed in their partner’s lives. Once they realize their relationship on the verge of the breakdown, they will actively give it up.

How to conquer a male Virgo?

If you are a romantic girl and dream of thrilling love stories like in Korean dramas, you will get disappointed when loving a Virgo man. But if you are finding an unconditional love with full sincerity, this person is the ideal boyfriend for you. We will reveal to you some basic secrets to steal a male Virgo’s heart:

Improve the knowledge

Ruled by Mercury, people being born under Virgo are high intellectual. This is one of Virgo traits you need to know. Instead of good-looking girls only concerning about cosmetics or fashion, they will hold hands of smart girls. Hence, don’t focus on taking care your beauty too much because it cannot make a Virgo man have feelings with you.


As you can see, one of Virgo traits is modesty. They rarely boast their abilities in front of others. They prove themselves by clear work results rather than saying, so they don’t want to have an arrogant girlfriend. If you’re having crush on a male Virgo, remember to avoid this bad personality in Virgo traits to steal his heart.

Don’t try to change him

“A leopard cannot change its spots” and changing a Virgo man is also impossible. Unless he wants to change himself, all your effort to do that will become a disaster. Being his lover, you hadn’t better interfere his work as well as what he regards as rules. Instead, learn about Virgo traits. Trust me! That behavior only will be beneficial for you.


Virgo men are quite realistic. They hardly think of aimless romance, so they certainly dislike dreamy girls. If you intend to attract a Virgo boy with romantic situations, you will fail. But someday he may fall in love with you only because of  your thrift or even materialism which he value. Do you find secrets of Virgo traits like these fascinating?

How to conquer a female Virgo?

If you intend to conquer a female Virgo, suggestions below are for you:

Sheer persistence

For female Virgo, love is something strange which always makes her suspicious. “Easy come, easy go”. She needs much time to know if this person is suitable for her. Hence, if you flirt with a Virgo female, don’t regret your time to prove your sincerity. Be persistent in order that she can believe in you and your real love.

Special hidden talents

To attract Virgo girls, you have to capture Virgo traits. Prove that you are even more clever than them by some of artistic talents, for example. No need to over intelligent, but it is necessary for you to be outstanding among many individuals. Once Virgo girls are drawn by you, she can spend hours only following you.


Attentive but rarely show out – That’s a hard-to-understand feature among Virgo traits. Virgo girls always pay much attention to your ways of showing affection. Please display your real love through practical actions. Taking her to somewhere she loves, giving her a lovely gift and standing by her whenever she needs are some of my suggestions. What you have done for her with full sincerity will bring you deserved results.

Respect to her rules

To love a Virgo girl, you have to learn the way to love what belongs to her. So don’t break her rules or else you will be hated. Let her feel free with her private life. Don’t force her to take care or love you when she isn’t ready. She’ll find the common features between Virgo traits and yours. Gradually, she will appreciate and cherish you because of your true love.

Are you interested in above Virgo traits?

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