Gemini and Taurus compatibility – Attraction from differences

Although Venus and Mercury, which respectively influence Gemini and Taurus, are very friendly, there are some major differences in their personalities. Now we will go into Gemini and Taurus compatibility with fascinating information in this writing.

Gemini and Taurus compatibility

Taurus like to take a slow and easy steps. This can be seen clearly in their lifestyle. They like to study and do research everything deeply to solve the problem.

By contrast, Gemini is totally different. They do everything perfunctorily, their lives are also full of perfunctory nods. Sometimes they can become restless and impatient – even surly. These features may not go well with Taurus. But this doesn’t mean that Taurus don’t like the clever and humorous Gemini or Gemini and Taurus are not suitable for each other. Simply, Taurus just need everything to slow down a little more.

Both Gemini and Taurus will have a lot to talk and spend hours together. Gemini aspiration on the discovery will be also satisfied by Taurus. Gemini and Taurus two are the same kind of people who seek pleasure and enjoy everything involving in intellect, emotion and culture. So maybe Gemini and Taurus actually have a lot in common than they thought.

In terms of sexuality, Taurus are slightly slower than Gemini. If Taurus is in love with a thoughtful Gemini, (s)he will use the best ability and take the time to turn Gemini on. If Taurus is not so lucky, (s(he will fine Gemini indifferent. So, though in some aspects the combination of Taurus and Gemini is not bad, the restless Gemini may be too much for Taurus especially when their relationship lasts long.

Gemini woman and Taurus man

Gemini is always a good companion of Taurus while the Taurus man is also willing to protect Gemini in all cases. Taurus is really impressed with Gemini’s imagination and Gemini can also find the sense of tranquility when being with Taurus. He will be enthralled by full energy, extroverted personality and confidence of Gemini. Those are what he lacks to gain success in work. Likewise, Gemini always respects Taurus’s stability and safety.

Sometimes, Taurus is annoyed by the female Gemini. In days-off, this man only wants to lie in bed while Gemini is interested in going shopping…

Gemini and Taurus conflict with each other in social life. The Taurus man is quite reserved, but the Gemini woman is sociable and quickly integrated. In such a situation, Taurus might feel a little depressed because he feels like being abandoned by Gemini. Superficial emotions of Gemini can be a barrier to their close connection in the long term. Taurus finds it difficult to express his feelings in words while Gemini can say so much but no action.

Gemini man and Taurus woman

The Gemini man has much money, but he doesn’t know how to spend it reasonably. At that time, Taurus can help him a lot by giving ideas of investment.

The novelty is one of the most outstanding trait of this relationship. Gemini’s imagination makes Taurus never bored when they stay together. Of course, these ideas become more beautiful if they are nurtured by the Taurus woman.

Gemini and Taurus are like friends rather than lovers. The male Gemini is quite shallow in the way of showing love. About Taurus, she only shows 3 shades: satisfaction, rumination and anger.

While Gemini is prone to intellectual power, Taurus is known with physical strength. Gemini is stimulated by brain games while Taurus thinks that “Diligence is mother of success”. Therefore, Gemini considers Taurus a little materialistic and stupid. On the contrary, Taurus is too talkative but cannot do anything perfectly in Gemini’s eyes. They simply approach life with different attitudes. Taurus sees everything simple and orderly while Gemini waits for adventure and novelty.

The advice for the combination between Gemini and Taurus

Taurus tends to focus on something in a moment while Gemini is flexible when paying attention to many things around. Taurus should learn the way to respect Gemini and let them be alone in quiet. Don’t try to force them to do what Taurus expects. In addition, try to learn Gemini’s flexibility since it is sometimes more beneficial.

The secret of Gemini and Taurus compatibility is only communication, communication and…. communication. If cannot share with each other, their relationship will be strained.

Gemini and Taurus compatibility percentage: 70%

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