Gemini and Scorpio compatibility
Gemini and Scorpio compatibility

Gemini and Scorpio compatibility

Have you ever wondered about the Gemini and Scorpio compatibility? Some people believe that this relationship is simply impossible because air signs and water signs have too many differences to be compatible. However, people tend to be attracted to their opposite. So does this pair really get along?

Gemini and Scorpio compatibility

Let’s begin by taking a look at the general similarities between them. Gemini and Scorpio are sharp signs. It means that Gemini and Scorpio are intelligent and love sharing this with other people. Therefore, you can expect many interesting conversations from these two signs. Another common trait is that both of them enjoy delving into life’s mysteries, and they want someone to keep them guessing. Despite these similarities, the opposition is the first thing that comes into people’s mind when thinking about this relationship.

It goes without saying that Gemini and Scorpio have a huge difference. Gemini is more social and outgoing while Scorpio is more secretive and reserved. Being a mutable sign, Gemini thrives on a variety of involvements and multiplicity. Gemini is very open-minded and spontaneous. Scorpio, by contrast, is a fixed sign which makes it a loyal and devoted lover. Scorpio will stand by and defend Gemini until death. In fact, Scorpio would even sacrifice him or herself for their relationship. If Gemini needs a loyal friend, there is no better choice than a Scorpio. However, Scorpio’s affection which is not returned with the same conviction can also turn him or her jealous and possessive.

Now we back to the question: Can Gemini and Scorpio be a couple? The basic personality differences indicate that the Gemini and Scorpio compatibility can be difficult. However, it is not impossible. Actually, they are fascinated by each other’s differences. Like two poles of a magnet, Gemini and Scorpio are sucked into each other. Gemini is attracted by the confidence, the power and the knowledge of Scorpio while Scorpio is fascinated by the charm and understanding of Gemini. When it comes to friendship or partnership, Gemini, who is always up to date with the latest news, is an excellent source of vital information for Scorpio. In turn, Scorpio can teach Gemini to achieve a more profound level of understanding. They both long for different things, but if they cooperate with each other, they could accomplish fantastic outcomes. The combination of their energy and ability help them attain anything they want.

However, easy come, easy go. The differences that attracted them to each other at first can turn into serious issues as time goes on. Scorpio will gradually realize the lack of consistency in Gemini.Likewise, Gemini finds that Scorpion is jealous, possessive, and dominant. Therefore, they need to completely communicate with each other to cement their relationship because communication is the key to fully knowing each other.

Gemini woman and Scorpio man

Fascinating and passionate but inharmonious. That’s what people talk about this combination. Gemini and Scorpio are opposite in both personality and approach to life. They can begin a relationship unconditionally but end it quickly. At first meetings, they chat with each other to discover their mutual character. However, the Scorpio man is over passionate and jealous. On the contrary, Gemini is quite superficial and changeable as opposed to Scorpio’s expectation.

In this love, their demands are different. While Scorpio wants someone to respond his love, Gemini dreams of freedom. The lack of respect will affect badly their feelings of love.

Gemini man and Scorpio woman

A Gemini man likes to be flirted and always has his own approach to life. He is easy to be drawn by the Scorpio woman’s passion. She often knows exactly what she wants. Besides, she is able to solve arising problems in her life. That explains why she won’t stop until she can fully understand Gemini.

Each of them is highly attractive to the other. However, the female Scorpio can feel tired because of Gemini’s great demand for mental stimulation. About Gemini, he can have difficulties in meeting Scorpio’s requirements both mentally and physically. He also dislikes her possessiveness and jealousy. It’s difficult to talk about this relationship but if they overcome challenges of love, they can make a powerful couple.

Advice for the combination between Gemini and Scorpio

Never bind the partner by your possessiveness and try to respect her/him. That’s the best advice for Gemini and Scorpio. They can be a beautiful couple, but nothing is perfect. The important thing is they need to learn how to treat each other in the right way.

Gemini and Scorpio compatibility percentage: 30%

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