Gemini and Sagittarius compatibility – The outburst of emotions

Like other couples lying in the opposite positions in the zodiac circle, Gemini and Sagittarius compatibility is not often recognized. But nothing is impossible. We still have solutions to make them a happy couple regardless differences in their character. So what are they? Go into this combination with us to have your answer.

Gemini and Sagittarius compatibility

Although coming from two opposite sides of the zodiac circle, Gemini and Sagittarius still have many similarities. They have many common interests and similar thoughts.

It is not difficult to explain why Gemini and Sagittarius are easy to fall in love with each other. From the first time they meet, they fall in love immediately feeling like an electric shock running inside them. Gemini own bright smiles, they are fluently talkative but not a boring type. Sagittarius look radiant as well. Their warmth and optimism make it easy for others to have affection. The outer halo is the first criteria that stick these two zodiacs together.

Basically, nobody can make the adventures with Sagittarius as exciting as Gemini. The affection is inevitable when they are like the mirrors of the other.

The biggest difference is that Gemini is only interested in specific and practical things which are around. However, Sagittarius like to stand in the perspective of philosophy to gain deep insights about the world in general. Therefore, Sagittarius will sometimes find Gemini really superficial and shallow.

In love, Gemini and Sagittarius are both famous for being flirty. Although Gemini is not so possessive, they still feel jealous when they see Sagittarius taking care of others. If Sagittarius unexpectedly knows that they are not the only one, they will leave immediately.

Gemini and Sagittarius both love freedom while they still want the other to take care and pay attention to them. It is clear that Sagittarius are relatively imposing, self-correct, they do not easily admit when they are wrong. Gemini will not surrender because they do not find it reasonable, no matter whom the speaker is. Once quarrels happen, Sagittarius will be hurt by the cold and blistering words of Gemini. With this couple, lacking of anger control can easily push things out of limit.

Gemini woman and Sagittarius man

It can be seen that this is a good couple. Both of them can make great progress in art, commerce and business. When working together, they are interested in gaining good results, so they will find the way to use their best ability to complete common tasks.

There is a thing which attaches these two people to each other: communication. Both Gemini and Sagittarius are astute, so they don’t find it difficult to have meaningful talks.

Both sides often achieve the perfect balance of spiritual life, but their emotions are another problem. Neither of them loves sharing – That’s one of the disadvantages of this relationship. Hence, being together, they often feel a bit stressed.

Gemini man and Sagittarius woman

Both Gemini and Sagittarius are humorous and clever at making each other happy by daily stories. It doesn’t take Gemini and Sagittarius much time to worry about anything, which makes their lives extremely easy. With other couples, too many common features might be boring, but with them, this is so interesting.

In love, the Sagittarius woman seems more honest and loyal than the Gemini man. If she realizes Gemini intends to cheat her, she will get angry and that’s awful.

Sometimes, Sagittarius has the sense of unsafety from Gemini’s indifference. Both of them can become extremely ironic when being unhappy. And at that time, their words might be the reason for the breakdown of their relationship.

Advice for the combination between Gemini and Sagittarius

To improve Gemini and Sagittarius compatibility, both sides need to adjust themselves. It’s necessary for Sagittarius to be more responsible and think seriously about his/ her relationship, especially in the future. Gemini should also be serious in love. (S)he can have many choices of happiness, but it’s hard to find a suitable person. Besides, Gemini ought to make decisions based on emotions instead of only on mind.

The most important thing to keep the fire for love is long-distance trips. Why don’t you take advantage of this common trait? I’m sure that you two will attract each other as the first days of love.

Gemini and Sagittarius compatibility percentage: 60%

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