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Among 12 zodiac signs, Libra is the only one symbolized by the inanimate object (a pair of scales). Ruled by Venus, those born from September 23rd to October 22nd are characterized by Libra traits. Some of them are positive, optimistic, extroverted and so on. This seventh sign of zodiac represents the beauty, appearance and balance. If you are a Libra or interested in studying this constellation, our findings of Libra traits below will be so useful for you. Read and enjoy it!

Libra Traits – General knowledge

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  • Element: Air
  • General quality: Cardinal
  • Icon: A pair of scales
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • God embodied: Themis (Lady Justice), Hephaestus
  • Date: Friday
  • Strengths: diplomatic, balanced, peaceful
  • Weakness: indecisive, superficial, vain
  • Favorite color: green
  • Body part: kidney
  • Lucky number: 1;2,7
  • Lucky stone: opal, peridot, sapphire

 General introductions of Libra traits

Libra traits of appearance

If you have ever met Libras, surely you can’t stand looking into their pure eyes. Favored by the goddess of beauty and love, they were born with the gentle nature and slim body. In addition, their high cheeks, small nose, angular face along with amiability make the opposite person either compliment or envy.

Libras take all into consideration so that they always look perfect in public. In the workplace, Libras seem elegant with deep color tone suits. Whereas, they look sweet and comfortable with youthful casual clothes in outings. Through their appearance, we can predict some Libra traits of personality, for example, interest in beauty. In a nutshell, they are highly attractive and easy to draw people’s attention.

Libra traits of personality

Positive Libra traits

Multiple personality

One of the most intriguing Libra traits is their split personality. People in this zodiac hate the rudeness but they can suddenly become cranky and cantankerous. Libras love everybody but dislike the crowds. They are intelligent and innocent at the same time. They neither sit in one place but nor hurry to go anywhere. It’s very likely that each of their strengths is balanced by a weakness and vice versa. What multiple personality people!


Symbolized by a pair of scales, Libras always deliberate in handling issues in order to keep them in a balance. This helps them avoid conflicts in work and family life as well as hold the position of neutral people in fierce controversies. Their choice is the harmony, not extreme.


Sensitiveness and empathy are some of Libra traits appreciated by people around. Libras know how to share emotions with others and certainly help them wholeheartedly.


The excellent diplomatic skill is one of the outstanding Libra traits. Libras are able to satisfy others by their words. In this sense, the elegance in Libra personality makes others believe and thereby they will confide all secrets to Libras. If you are doubtful about this, world-renowned Libra celebrities such as V. Putin, Margaret Thatcher or Manmohan Singh with wonderful diplomatic ability will dispel your suspicion.


If we can choose a feature to represent Libra personality, it is probably “justice”. These people have a strong sense of justice. People born under this constellation are good at analyzing, balancing, comparing and adjusting to find out both sides of problems. The quality of a cardinal air sign helps Libras not be dominated by private sentiments. On the contrary, they are objective, rational and just in analyzing all things.


Libras are so dreamy that their soul seems to be in the cloud rather than on the ground. In fact, these individuals are completely not blind in dreams. Those worlds are simply places where they can escape from their real life full of tiredness.

Negative Libra traits


Most of these people are so hesitant to make a decision that there are times when choices are no longer necessary. Indecisiveness is sometimes beyond all limits and becomes the most difficult-to-overcome weakness of Libra. “On the one hand” and “On the other hand” are Libra’s favorite phrases. This feature, in some cases, can make assertive people go mad.


Appreciating the importance of appearance, Libras, in a way, are quite superficial. They are easy to be attracted by outer pulchritude and forget inner beauty. This is truly one of controversial Libra traits since someone believe it’s only people’s first impression of Libras.


Indecisiveness is one of Libra traits making them untrustworthy. Because of the hope for relationship maintenance, Libras hardly say “No” to everybody. They promise so much but cannot keep their promises. Gradually, people around will find it difficult to believe in a Libra.


Are Libras lazy? That sounds amazing. But don’t judge the book by its cover! At first meetings, you can admire their cleanness and diligence. But in reality, they do everything spontaneously. If there is no inspiration, Libras will find all ways to become lazy.

Libra health traits

Libras are strong both physically and mentally. In a natural way, they know to avoid mental tension and physical exhaustion by relaxing in a long enough time. Regular diseases of Libras are overeating (sometimes leading to indigestion) and overdrinking which result in headaches or even liver, kidney diseases.

The symbol of Libra is a pair of scales linked to health problems or backaches. The resting mode with massage and acupuncture is good for them. Those who are in this zodiac sign should eat many types of fruits, especially strawberry to improve their immune system and prevent inflammation.

Libra study traits

Logical thinking, flexibility, ambitions and high competitiveness – Libra traits are necessary qualities to succeed in the study. However, Libras are not very concentrative, which leads to unexpected results. It’s necessary for them to learn how to focus on something instead of being distracted by surroundings. Libra’s Math and Social Science marks can be easily improved based on their logical thoughts.

Libra traits of career & finance

When it comes to this problem, the most suitable word is “harmonious”. Libras are well-known for good leadership and work efforts to earn money and enjoy their lives. They want to cooperate with their friends.

Due to the strong sense of justice, law-related careers are suitable for Libras. Libras can be wonderful mediators because they regard themselves as a messenger of peace. The sense of cooperation and compromise help Libra become a good staff of United Nations or a lawyer, mediator or administrator.

Libra friends and family

Libras were born as happy people who are willing to help others. Libras may be indecisive, but we cannot deny that they are wonderful friends with Libra traits like humor and enthusiasm. Everyone seemingly wants to have such a friend. People of this sign prefer spending their time with friends and family. They also like to arrange some gatherings.

Libras are lovely and know how to create a harmonious environment. Speaking of challenges, they are known as excellent problem solvers in conflicts due to available good Libra traits.

Libra traits in love

One of the typical Libra traits is the priority to find out a suitable lover. For Libra love, senses of tranquility and harmony are the most crucial. The loneliness will make Libras sad.

As a lover, they show their feelings, creativity and balance. They won’t hesitate to do anything to please their other half. It’s said that Libra traits in love, especially charm and devotion generate highly emotional moments of love. If you are lucky enough to fall in Libra love, then congratulation!

How to conquer a male Libra?

Before making the plan for attracting a Libra man, you need to hold typical Libra traits in hands to have suitable strategies. Here are some secrets I will show you:


Libra men highly appreciate themselves. They love being cherished and admired. If you want to draw such a man, first of all, don’t forget to show your confidence. He impresses with smart girls who can let him be free with his life as well know how to pamper and support him.


If you would like to conquer a Libra man, it’s necessary for you to pay attention to Libra traits and one of them is appearance. There is no need to be trendy like celebrities, but tidiness and cleanness are inevitable.


A little mysterious – That’s the secret to attract a Libra man. Don’t reveal all about you at first meetings. Keep something in secret and reveal gradually. I’m sure he will be so curious about you and thereby you will become more attractive in his eyes.

Clever at flirting

If you are dating a male Libra, you are meeting one of the best philanderers. Therefore, be clever at expressing how much you like him so that he can have the opportunity to show his talent. On the other hand, you still need to be a little supercilious enough to become an enchanting girl for him.

How to conquer a female Libra?

This must be the common question for those who fall in love with a female Libra. Libra traits tell you about something she finds in her other half.

Talk about her more

The finesse in communication is one of the outstanding Libra traits. Libra girls are interested in intimate talks. They are willing to listen to others attentively and know how to make conversations more interesting. However, their favorite thread of talks is about …themselves. Talking about a Libra girl more, you will have more opportunities to see her through. Certainly, this will be the premise of the path leading to her heart.

Active in building a relationship

A Libra girl never shows her haste in any relationships even when she has feelings with someone. She tries to wait for the other’s activeness. The reason for this is this girl doesn’t trust her intuition, especially in love. She fears for misconceptions of both sides. She needs the sense of safety for new sentiments. Do say to the world that your heart has been stolen by her. I believe that will make her highly impressive.

Being her mental support

One of Libra traits is that she particularly loves sustainability, tranquility and hates vicissitudes in the love affair. Not surprisingly, she will be captivated by a man with emotional sincerity and persistence. Libra regards this kind of men as her mental support who never brings her unsafe feelings. She really needs a partner strong and tolerant enough to become her companion in all stages of her life.

Care for her

Libra traits are quite similar to those of others, especially girls. They desire for the care from their lover. If you want her to love you, take good care of her. There is no need for luxury gifts or expensive meals in big restaurants. The sentiments from the bottom of your heart are all she needs in love. However, learn how to display them by real actions rather than thoughts or ideas.

There are no better ways to open their heart than understanding Libra traits as much as possible. Remember and take advantage of this.

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