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When it comes to Capricorn traits, people immediately think of the professionality and traditional values. Capricorn is regarded as the most serious constellation among 12 zodiacs. With this feature, Capricorns can not only develop their career but have a sustainable love as well.

Capricorn traits – General knowledge

  • Element: Earth
  • General quality: Mutable
  • Icon: Sea-goat
  • Ruling planet: Saturn
  • Goddess embodied: Ea, Pan, Hestia (Goddess of Fire and Family)
  • Date: Saturday
  • Strengths: responsible, disciplined, self-control
  • Weakness: know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending
  • Favorite color: brown, gray
  • Body part: skin, teeth, bone, knee
  • Lucky number: 6; 8; 9
  • Lucky stone: garnet, amber, black agate…

General introductions of Capricorn traits

Capricorn traits of appearance

Their appearance is characterized by large eyes, dark hair, skillful hands and high cheeks. These Capricorn traits of appearance are quite classic. Capricorns bring the beauty with good look, balance and proportionality. We can easily recognize something powerful in their eyes. Seldom are there individuals in this zodiac sign having the outstanding appearance, which creates the “common ground beauty”.

Elegance and quiet  exude from female Capricorns’ eyes. They are good at eye contact. They are also strong people instead of the weak as others think. Whereas, male Capricorns often show stern face out. They seem pensive, sometimes have nice gestures. Men radiate the manliness while women express their charm

Capricorn personality traits

Positive Capricorn traits

Highly practical

If you think that Virgo or Taurus is the most practical constellation, you are completely wrong. Simply because it is Capricorn who is on the top. Among Capricorn traits, practicality is what can be easily identified. These people absolutely do not waste their time and efforts doing anything impossible. Being a realist, Capricorn can give objective evaluations of his advantages and disadvantages then seek for what suits him.

Ambitious & purposeful

Known as the most ambitious people, Capricorns are full of wishes for success. People born under this constellation have the desire for fame and fortune. That is the main motivation of their tremendous efforts even after they get failures.

Extremely persistent & strong-willed

This feature is closely linked to above Capricorn traits. Precisely because they’re realistic, ambitious and purposeful, they are deeply conscious of the necessity of persistence. They cannot avoid mistakes or faults in the realization of dreams. But they never give up. No matter how difficult-to-implement their dreams are, they still pursue them till the end. The ability to overcome all obstacles is exactly one of the admirable Capricorn traits.

Serious & disciplined

If Capricorns are assigned to a mission, they will try their best to implement it perfectly. They will complete it before the deadline. There are no reasons for frauds or mistakes. You can find this (among Capricorn traits) a little boring but they don’t. This Capricorn personality also helps them a lot in achieving good work results. Besides, Capricorns are also well-known for their discipline. They respect almost all rules or regulations. If someday you com across somebody disobeys the rules, that cannot be a Capricorn.


The impact of Saturn makes Capricorn-born highly responsible. They always remind themselves of responsibilities that they take over. When assigned to any kind of work, they will do it both carefully and meticulously. No doubt they set a good example of an employee/employer in the workplace.

Cautious & meticulous

Capricorns succeed in their career due to these two traits. Meticulousness doesn’t allow them to do anything superficially. Likewise, they are always cautious so that everything they do is perfect. “Slow but sure” – That’s their own principle.

Negative Capricorn traits


One of negative Capricorn traits is they often have the sense of melancholy. They usually think of everything pessimistic rather optimistic. Even when they gain accomplishments, they cannot prevent Capricorn from negative thoughts. These individuals really need someone at the side to pull them out of this state.


Capricorns hardly have interest in social communication. Hence, they aren’t beloved by many people. But once taking part in groups, they certainly have private purposes. In general, Capricorns are extremely taciturn. Their introvert personality can be listed as one of the typical Capricorn traits according to others’ comments. There are times when they mostly disappear in the crowd due to their reservedness.


Capricorn traits like seriousness and discipline tell us about their lack of romance. That’s completely true. In talks, they seem indifferent and detached. Excited and active in discussions are not their forte. But unlike the coldness of Scorpios, Capricorns still observe and appreciate people around without outward expressions.

A little crafty

Being the embodiment of the Greek God (half-fish; half-goat), Capricorn-borns are adaptable in all circumstances. However, this Sea God also represents the forces of darkness. Therefore, craftiness is one of Capricorn traits that few people know about. To achieve their goals, Capricorns may not hesitate to use tricks ỏr something like that.

Capricorn health traits

When Capricorns were young, they used to be unsound. Time goes by, they gradually become healthier. Their sobriety helps them have the good endurance that many people born under this constellation are known as centenarians.

Capricorns are careful in taking care of themselves. But they also need to pay attention to their knees and legs more. The reason is those parts are easy to be hurt.

Capricorn study traits

Due to positive Capricorn traits, nobody can surpass them in the study. Capricorn-borns have detailed study plans and great efforts in getting achievements. If Capricorns want to join in a study group, members must be so happy. This kind of teamwork will support Capricorns a lot even in the future career. However, Capricorn should be more flexible and creative in learning since they are some of the key factors leading to success.

Capricorn traits of career & finance

When it comes to career, the word “hunger” is the best description. Colleagues often describe them as “workaholics”. Once embarking on the work, they seem to immerse in their private world. No matter how difficult challenges are, Capricorns find out the solutions. People of this zodiac always set ambitious goals for themselves. Honesty and devotion make them great leaders. They can choose careers in some fields such as finance, education and real estate…

These people are excellent at time management and spending money. Others admire them because of their resourcefulness. They know how to not only complete all tasks but also relax and care for their relatives. When needed, they also dare to spend large sums (remember: “when needed”).

Capricorn friends and family

Smart and humorous, Capricorns are wonderful friends. Their friends are honest, sincere and devoted. Similarly, Capricorns also cherish their friends and willing to help whenever needed.

With traditional Capricorn traits, they like holidays (Independence Day, Christmas…). The culprit behind it is they think of them as good chances to connect family members. Introverted and shy, Capricorns seldom show what they’re thinking. If they want to do something for others, their real actions will replace what they mean to say.

Capricorn traits in love

In the love affair, Capricorns are the most serious people among 12 constellations. They dislike the overstrain in stages of each relationship. Step by step, they will find ways to conquer the person they love.

If you wait for sweet moments with Capricorns, rethink as soon as possible. As I’ve said, romance and imaginativeness aren’t the representative Capricorn traits. You can find them emotionally sterile but don’t misunderstand their love. In reality, they are passionate lovers. “Love you more than I can say” – This quote is exclusively for Capricorns.

How to conquer a male Capricorn?

Being his reliable spiritual prop

When falling in love, male Capricorns will put an absolute trust in their love. That’s the reason why they look for the similar quality in their lover. They have crush on honest and reliable girls with whom they can start a serious relationship in the long run.

Serious in love

Girls regarding love as a game are not ideal lovers in a male Capricorn’s eyes. By contrast, he’s easy to have feelings with sincere and serious women in love. Have you understood Capricorn traits? If the answer is “yes”, why don’t you show your heartfelt wish to stick with him?


Traditional women make a strong impression with Capricorn men. Girls who are clever at doing housework and taking care of children are people they seek for. They believe that there is nothing better than being attached to such women.

Patient and tolerable

Ruled by typical Capricorn traits, these men appear to dislike reckless girls. Males of this constellation will be inclined to patient and tolerable women who can stand by them in all life challenges.

How to conquer a female Capricorn?

Mature and practical

Childish and dreamy boys are unable to attract a Capricorn girl simply because they don’t blend with Capricorn traits. They will consider those as their younger brothers rather than true men. On the contrary, they will surely be enthralled by men with maturity and practicality which Capricorn girls also possess.

Persistent to give her sense of safety

Capturing Capricorn traits if you want her to love you. Of course, Capricorn girls’ personality doesn’t allow her to accept the impatience in love. The haste probably creates her sense of unsustainability. You know Capricorns always find the feeling of safety, so let her feel that with your lasting love.


To conquer a female Capricorn, remember to show your ability to self-control. Impulsive behavior, flippancy or rudeness will leave a bad impression with her. Especially, at first dates, she has difficulties in talking with strangers comfortably, so you should also notice your behavior.


Like any other girls in the world, a female Capricorn also expects their lover to have this quality. Womanizers have no chance to open her heart since she extremely hates this type of men. Sincerity and loyalty in love are all she hopes and waits. It’s completely not impossible if you love her heartily, isn’t it?

In a nutshell, Capricorn traits are difficult to decrypt. But with above descriptions, I believe you will partly understand the nature of those born under this sign of zodiacs. Enjoy them!

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