Capricorn love – liberal souls

In the cognitive hierarchy Capricorn love, fourth and also the last time, the soul is felt strong vibrations of the leadership of dominant. But this time it led to pass through Turkish elements, from a strong position in the family, next to the fireplace. Why do you have to expose your title before freezing temperatures outside, only to be seen and heard, just to get applause and praise?

Capricorn soul, now have the possibility to make eating and exercising their powers to issue directives and no longer see the necessity to exhibit aggressive or flaunt his power to seek adulation from the public or to feel safe again. At this level, the soul has learned the true peace comes from within. Was appointed as a leader is a responsibility should be treated as carefully as possible, without any recognition at all, because I’m just doing my duty properly only. Capricorn’s relatives (especially parents) now clearly very important, whether good or bad matter, because the soul has reached the threshold of “old head” then, and obviously , comes with that is the sense of priorities in life. And certainly the most important thing is the safety of relatives relatives. Interest in the freedom of love and youth now almost no appeal to Capricorn with comfort and satisfaction that the people you can rely on, to be cared for.

Capricorn has prepared and ready to impart wisdom from Saturn, but only when invited only. Because the title is ridiculous to know that other people under compulsion to mature before the time is ripe, they smiled with benevolent indulgence like a grandfather, who she affectionately (whether actual years how much they matter) before the fun antics of the children that the heart was filled with blood. Secretly, the soul of Capricorn began pursuit of repudiation of responsibility, but now back to orange heart that idealism is extremely straight slides unrealistic – and spontaneous excitement never can replace experience. Acutely aware of the dangers of the impulsive action, instant soul becomes more conservative – and the title refusal brandishing his efforts screw or wallow in sentimentality made you cold convicted from those of Mars or the gas supply destined. Capricorn respect authority because they see that laws are needed to protect the rights and the safety of people. They shyly cult of celebrity and success because their destiny star projector – Saturn, teaching them to respect the achievements and fully understand its costs.

Although Capricorn love can want only serious and tough than other generous souls, life has taught title humorous side of it, and the sophistication of their jokes are always transient strokes of satire survival. Saturn was obliged to weigh on the role as a mentor new for fools sometimes they try to drink until the last drop of pleasure from life, calmly accept them without humility inept and overly self-deprecating. Only then, when sanity back maturity, they vaguely felt repentance and sorrow for not resist the temptation of forbidden passions. In this soul vibration, mandatory title must recognize the need for pragmatism, and Capricorn admits “I AM USING”. But the tenderness of your spirit has softened the rigors of tough surface Saturn driven by the other, because the perception of Capricorn also comes with empathy for human errors – empathy born from the insight amassed over ten times of the secret passage life and love.

The good points of Capricorn love is resolute, stable, wise, reliable, stable, and peaceful. Negative expression of the virtues that are as selfish, petty, ruthless ambition, rigid, bourgeois, depressed and alone.

For Capricorn, love means to exchange mutual satisfaction silent and does not require. Title learned absolutely valuable lessons that love can not be measured by the emotional excesses. But because they love only put on a par with the common needs and desires between two people, they have not experienced the feeling when the inner longing to be liberated.

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