Capricorn and Leo compatibility – a complex match

When an earth sign and a fire sign combine, it involves the building of a wonderful relationship. Capricorn and Leo are both strong signs, they come together with passionate and magnificent dynamism. However, they are very different in their own strengths and can easily lead to ego battles. Keep reading and check the Capricorn and Leo compatibility.

Capricorn and Leo compatibility relationship is relentlessly pursuing their own fame in their own fields and their careers go in different directions. Capricorn quietly looks for its position in the career path while Leo is searching for a stand under the public spotlight. Imagine in a lavish party, we will easily see Leo as an attractive singer or actor while Capricorn is much like a politician or businessman. Their paths are inherently different but the fate of love had brought them to the same party where they found the other half of their life. The president Obama and his wife is the most typical illustration for a Capricorn and Leo compability.

The biggest weakness in love of Capricorn and Leo compability is the nature of control and manage things of both. The basic thing is Leo does not want to be control but Capricorn is a controller. Leo is always prideful and wants to be the King of its kingdom. Capricorn is also a strong sign that is at the top of the zodiac and represents achievements. Both of them are stubborn and self-assured, which leads to confrontations between the two signs. Capricorn and Leo compatibility can hardly quarrel loud but once war breaks out, it must be a great war and difficult to reconcile. Capricorn tends to be practical and very meticulous in making plan ahead while Leo is impulsive and too generous in spending money. Because of this, they may fight each other about how to spend money.

The big ego of Capricorn and Leo compatibility can hurt each other’s pride as a fatal stab to the relationship. In addition, the glittering halo surrounding Leo will make Capricorn feel inferior and uncomfortable. As the one who also love the admiration of the world like Leo but now it has to witness Leo seizes all the attention and love of people around. With the pessimism and reserved nature available in it, Capricorn will hold all the feeling in its chest, feeling that it is not well-matched with Leo. And Leo is sometimes too careless to realize the sensitiveness carefully hidden under the cold mask of Capricorn.

Regardless of those differences above, Capricorn and Leo compability do have some similarities that can complement each other. Both Capricorn and Leo compatibility look for power and status. This can be a good point in their relationship where the two are trying to build a luxury, comfort and high standard of living for their family. Another scheme is that Leo wants a romantic love and deep inside Capricorn, it also loves sweet things. Leo is very loyal and faithful and Capricorn really appreciates that.

In short, Capricorn and Leo compatibility is quite a tough and complex love match but also promising if they overlook their contrasts and find ways to compensate for their partner.

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