Capricorn and Aries compatibility
Capricorn and Aries compatibility

Capricorn and Aries compatibility – Is it a tough match?

Capricorn and Aries compatibility – this relationship seems to be an awkward combination since the first glance. Will they become an agreeable couple or cannot bear each other? Let’s check it out here!

Aries is nearly ninety degree from Capricorn. They are so strong in their own rights that they are going to run into each other’s control. Capricorn is the one who wants structure and the life that counts for something while Aries want to be the leader. Both of them have a large amount of ambition and commitment to their own purpose in life and actively use all of their effort to reach those goals. This may lead to a power struggle between the two.

Aries is always outgoing while Capricorn is reserved and shy. They are even polarized in their characteristics. It seems to be very hard to see the convergence. Aries is always on the move, energetic and always go forward without even necessarily having a plan while Capricorn is much disciplined and meticulous. At the first sight, Capricorn was interested in the innocence, optimism and generosity of Aries. However, when the time passed by, Capricorn just considers it silly, unreal and cannot stand Aries’ habit of spending money like water. Likewise, Aries was mesmerized by Capricorn’s wisdom, calm and steadiness but later Aries gets bored with the serious and insensitive nature of Capricorn.

Although this is a very tough match and requires a lot of adjustment, Capricorn and Aries compatibility can become better if they learn to comprehend each other as well as accept the differences and consider them as the essential colors of an ideal picture. The relationship requires patience and tolerance from both sides so that they can live peacefully. In another aspect, Capricorn cares much about business and thus be able to provide solid financial base for their future. Aries can count and trust on Capricorn while Aries will keep Capricorn’s life from boring and make it more interesting.

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