Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility
Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility – The relationship of quarrels

In short, don’t ever think about it! Whatever Cancers do, they cannot manage to turn Sagittarius into a person of the family. Sagittarius are fond of discovering something new. Moreover, they are the flirtiest ones. With Cancer’s innate jealousy, the relationship of Cancer and Sagittarius cannot work out. Let’s find out Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility to understand why I give you that advice.

Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility

Sagittarius is bold while Cancer needs a secure relationship. Cancers look to the future instead of only present. They want to have a happy family, so they try to save money. However, Sagittarius live with the present moment. They get bored very quickly and will look for something new.

Cancer and Sagittarius need think carefully before taking this relationship seriously because Sagittarius can easily fall in love, but they also easily brush it aside for something new and more exciting. Desire and goals of Cancer and Sagittarius are different. Besides appearance factors, no one can imagine what will hold Cancer and Sagittarius together for more than a few days.

When Sagittarius is said that they have hurt or offended the other, or they are too rigid, too frank with Cancer, the only answer would be: “Oh, no, no that kind of matters again”. From the perspective of Sagittarius, romance is so schmaltzy. Cancer would say that the world needs love to keep going. Cancer and Sagittarius, in a way, don’t even come from the same planet.

The aspect of sex will tell these two zodiacs that Cancer and Sagittarius are worlds apart. Sagittarius make love just like the way they play sports: quick, entertaining, and that’s it. Cancer expects such things as feelings, emotional and spiritual love. Sagittarius do not understand anything about that. Cancer and Sagittarius are living in the different level of reality.

If one of the two zodiacs – Cancer and Sagittarius is willing to become more flexible and soften the personality of the other for the benefit of this relationship, then everything can be effective.

The two contradictory needs will make them abandon this relationship soon. Cancer will have to suffer a lot being with Sagittarius since Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility isn’t valued.

Cancer woman and Sagittarius man

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter while Cancer is affected by the Moon. The Moon symbolizes emotions, especially love. Whereas, Jupiter represents philosophies and the interest of adventure. These features are different but once combined, they can make up for each other. Cancer and Sagittarius will give each other both motivations and mental support.

However, Sagittarius is a fire sign while Cancer is a water sign. Fire and water conflict with each other naturally, so this couple can’t avoid quarrels. Sometimes, the Cancer woman is strongly emotional, but the Sagittarius man is like a combatant. That seems incompatible, doesn’t it?

Their main difference is that Cancer spends most of her time on with family. She is devoted and attached to her family members. Sagittarius also love his family, but he’s willing to leave home to live independently right after he’s old enough. Besides, Sagittarius’s impulsiveness and hot temper might make Cancer feel insecure.

Cancer man and Sagittarius woman

Although Sagittarius is so frank, which makes Cancer unhappy, she still shows a passionate love with him. Cancer’s life will be colorized by this female. In return, Cancer will stand by Sagittarius no matter where she goes. Cancer is willing to support and even sacrifice himself to exchange happiness for her.

The problem is Cancer is the person of family while Sagittarius loves freedom. Therefore, she will be quite stifling in this relationship and always to look for the way to escape. And of course, the male Cancer will go mad and then criticize her, which makes her ask herself whether she chose Mr Right or not.

In addition, Cancer’s mood swings are really a quiz for  Sagittarius. She will find it difficult to understand what he’s thinking or what he wants.

The advice for the combination between Cancer and Sagittarius

To gain the harmony between Cancer and Sagittarius, both of them need to be extremely patient and sincere. Cancer must learn how to respect Sagittarius’s freedom and believe in his/her honesty. Whenever feeling uncomfortable, Cancer should talk with the other straightly.

On the other hand, Sagittarius need to understand that Cancer’s care will help them avoid troubles caused by their recklessness. Furthermore, Cancer and Sagittarius should also be more sensitive and subtle to capture deep feelings of Cancer. Don’t forget romantic dinners or affectionate gestures. I believe they are good ways to end conflicts and make you love each other more.

Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility percentage: 40%

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