Cancer and Leo compatibility
Cancer and Leo compatibility

Cancer and Leo compatibility – Balance and stability

Cancer is ruled by the tide of Moon while Leo is symbolized by the fire of Sun. These two people are thought to be too conflicting to become a couple. But in reality, Cancer and Leo can even be a better combination than you expected. Continue to read about Cancer and Leo compatibility with a lot of surprises.

Cancer and Leo compatibility

Both Cancer and Leo are romantic, but each of them enjoys the romance in their own way. Leo dreams of a fascinating and passionate relationship while Cancer would like to have fully emotional moments. Cancer is picky, fastidious and sometimes (s) importantizes every problem. (S)he needs the feeling of safety, assurance, tranquility and tends to stay at home. Whereas, Leo is energetic and enthusiastic. This person likes to wander and show his/her emotions.

When Cancer and Leo are in love, both of them know how to satisfy their feelings. They are both devoted and tender in love. While Cancer looks for a sustainable relationship, Leo wants to be admired and praised. Both Cancer and Leo have the strong personality with full loyalty. It can be said that their relationship will be long-lasting since two of them are aware of the ways of emotional nourishment.

Cancers seek the person bringing them the sense of safety and Leo is the most suitable. Once Cancer and Leo have the common dreams, they can be together in a very long time. Leo is always more outstanding and experienced while Cancer is more reserved and introverted. They will draw a perfect picture of the family. But what is the most beautiful aspect of their love? That’s the sincere feelings and deep understanding which they grant each other. They share strong emotions and passions in love. Everyone can see that this is a good combination and they can feel safe when being together and then focus on other goals in their lives.

Cancer woman and Leo man

Cancer and Leo really respect and admire each other. Each individual puts an absolute trust in the other, which helps them build a happy family. The female Cancer will learn the courage from Leo and the male Leo will be inspired by her tolerance and tenderness.

Leo is said to spend his time with the person showing full admiration for him and Cancer is the one he needs. He will be so proud of Cancer’s care and vice versa, this man is also willing to protect and love her wholeheartedly. This is a romantic love story. Regardless of age, it is still extremely sweet. A gamut of emotions can be found in this relationship: friendship, romance, belief, sexiness or absolute safety.

The male Leo is sociable and gallant while the female Cancer is easy to feel afraid or insecure. This sometimes results in unnecessary conflicts. There are times when Leo seems arrogant or rude if he finds not to be respected. Not surprisingly, he can hurt the Cancer’s heart by accident.

Cancer man and Leo woman

In life, each of them always gives the other surprising presents. The Leo woman will choose luxury gifts for her lover while the Cancer man will choose the cheaper but carefully wrapped by full affection.

The male Cancer is concerned about Leo thoughtfully and sincerely. He seldom takes control of her but certainly tries to manage her life. On the other hand, Leo believes and supports Cancer unconditionally in many fields of life. With him, Leo is always a great motivation which adds the enthusiasm to Cancer’s life. She gives Cancer the sense of safety that he always expects.

However, the mood swings of Cancer might lead to Leo’s embarrassment, even anger and vulnerability. Besides, his anxiety and possessiveness also make Leo annoyed. She likes to express herself in public, but he prefers a quiet life at home. Cancer sometimes gets upset by the prodigality of Leo since she often behaves like a queen. This attitude, in some cases, is the biggest problem to Cancer and Leo compatibility.

Advice for the combination between Cancer and Leo

Cancer and Leo are attracted to each other. And if both of them know how to direct and control their energy, this relationship can be considered “potential”. Each of them should grant the other private space and the judgement is taboo.

Leo had better learn to withdraw and not to overwhelm Cancer. By contrast, Cancer needs to stand on his/her foot without Leo’s support. If Cancer and Leo abide by this rule, their relationship will have a bright future. If not, Fire will be put out by Water and everything will come to an end.

Cancer and Leo compatibility percentage: 70%

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