Among the twelve signs of zodiac, Aries and Gemini are undoubtedly a great match not only in love affair but also in a colleague relationship. 
Among the twelve signs of zodiac, Aries and Gemini are undoubtedly a great match not only in love affair but also in a colleague relationship. 

Aries and Gemini compatibility – The couple of surprise

Among the twelve signs of zodiac, Aries and Gemini are undoubtedly a great match not only in love affair but also in a colleague relationship. This article will take an insight in both aspects of the Aries and Gemini compatibility. Don’t miss it!

Aries and Gemini compatibility

First and foremost, it cannot be denied that a couple of Aries and Gemini would share a lot of same thought, characteristics and ways of behavior. They are both dynamic, excited for trying new experiences, in need of freedom and personal space. That is the reason why Aries and Gemini are so perfect for each other and can talk together for hours without feeling bored. If Aries is energetic and smart, then Gemini is a man of flexibility and cleverness. Aries is from Sign group of Fire, and Gemini is a member of the Group of Wind, the blowing wind will strengthen the burning fire, which means that Gemini will help Aries to realize his/her internal passion and possibility while Aries plays the part of a leader who takes Gemini into new plans and new discoveries. Meanwhile, a good look and a frequently positive thinker are the born personality of Gemini, which can easily make Aries fall deeply in love at first sight. In sexual relationships, Aries usually takes the leading part and Gemini will come up with new ideas and changes that lead to their full satisfaction. Needless to say, they support each other in every part of life and become a dreamlike couple in people’s eyes.

However, everything has their two sides and this relationship is not an exception. Due to the bossy feature of Aries, sometimes (s)he will want to dominate his/her partner, both physically and mentally. This can drive Gemini nuts or get irritation. The usual reason for Aries and Gemini to have quarrels is that Gemini dislikes the over-domination of Aries on them or Aries is aware that Gemini’s having an affair.

Another point that Aries and Gemini share compatibility is the relationship at the office. They all possess heads of logic and smart thoughts. If they co-operate in a company, the output result will be greatly worth expecting. For most of the time, Aries should undertake the part of communicating with clients and expand business relationships while Gemini is a reliable assistant working behind. Nevertheless, there are some weaknesses that are unavoidable. The biggest problem of the two-star signs as a team may be the lack of patience. It is obviously seen that they love starting and hate finishing; this is a factor that prevents you from following to the end of a project.

Aries woman and Gemini man

Both Aries and Gemini love their mutual social activities, imagination and spiritual life. They are happy when being together since each of them never finds the other boring. With full energy, the love of Aries and Gemini develop well. Their feelings are built based on excitement and adventures. Gemini respects the personality of Aries while Aries is willing to listen what he said.

The female Aries is possessive, so there are times when she makes Gemini unpleased. By contrast, although Aries likes Gemini’s easygoing personality, his indifference sometimes brings her the sense of unsafety.

Gemini is always unpunctual, which is unacceptable with Aries. But when others make similar mistakes, she can go mad with them. Another disadvantage in the Aries and Gemini compatibility is the jealousy. Aries is famous for her jealousy while Gemini is not. In some cases, Arise wants her lover to feel jealous too but he can’t.

Aries man and Gemini woman

Both of them have a lot to talk with each other. In all situations, there seem not to be stop-points in their talks. They are also interested in living with every moment of the present. Nothing can strongly affect these two individuals. Even when being sad, Gemini is easy to be excited by happiness and Aries is, too. Aries and Gemini are both extroverted and have the intense passion for a colorful life. Their sources of energy are so evident that everyone around can realize that. When the Aries man can do everything perfectly, Gemini will be attached to him and admires him surprisingly. Likewise, Aries always respects Gemini’s way of thinking and praises her wisdom in many fields.

The high demand of Aries sometimes makes Gemini uncomfortable because she doesn’t like definitions of eternality or permanence. Good qualities of Aries can be named as belief in others or innocence. But occasionally, he is also mean and jealous due to the fear of losing his lover. Whereas, Gemini is agile and flexible but superficial in emotions and sometimes unreliable. To make her dreams come true, she is fond of experiencing many things and this makes Aries worry.

Advice for the combination between Aries and Gemini

In conclusion, Aries and Gemini are virtually a reasonable combination for many different facts and reasons. The good tips for them to keep their compatibility helpful are that they should be sincere in love and be more patient in working as a team.

Wise advice for both of them is that each should give the partners his/her own space, love faithfully and, more important, respect each other.

Aries and Gemini compatibility percentage: 90%

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