Virgo and Gemini compatibility
Virgo and Gemini compatibility

Are Virgo and Gemini compatible to be a couple?

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo and Gemini have some traits in common, which can be a premise of the good relationship. But are there potential contradictions between these two people? Are they truly born for each other? Now we will find out the answer by analyzing Virgo and Gemini compatibility based on their personalities.

Virgo and Gemini compatibility

The basis for harmony between Virgo and Gemini

Well-known for outstanding intelligence, Virgo and Gemini find it easy to have interesting talks with each other. When discussing problems, Gemini certainly satisfies Virgo with flexibility, good reactions and humor. Likewise, the profundity of Virgo also brings Gemini the pleasure in communication. It’s possible for a boring topic to become attractive in their dialogue. Every passing day, they seem to detect something new of each other.

Like Libra, Gemini is able to make Virgo happier with his/her sense of humor. Gemini’s jokes refresh Virgo effectively in order that Virgo can remove her/his unapproachability.

In work, Virgo and Gemini are wonderful teammates. Effective solutions given by Gemini stimulates business to develop. Meanwhile, Virgo’s meticulousness and leadership are keys to success. Don’t surprise at impressive work results obtained by these two excellent individuals.

Potential contradiction

The fact remains that there are plenty of differences between Virgo and Gemini.

Being an air sign, Gemini is liberal. Gemini is keen on collecting information, but she/he doesn’t often arrange and classify it. Whereas, Virgo always analyzes, selects and categorizes details carefully for use. Hmm, the conflict may arise in such situations. It’s difficult to change the nature of each person, so controversies might never come to an end.

Consistency and perseverance symbolize Virgo traits. When focusing on something, Virgos often gives their best to execute it. Unfortunately, those are not life rules of Gemini. Gemini links the life with “changes”, so (s)he gets bored with everything easily in a short time.

Besides, finance-related problems also result in their arguments. The culprit behind this is Virgo becomes highly sensitive when it comes to money. And you know, these contradictions explain why Virgo and Gemini compatibility is not valued.

Virgo woman and Gemini man

Virgo and Gemini are quite compatible. With common viewpoints of many aspects, each of them can be attracted by the other. However, this compatibility doesn’t ensure their long-lasting relationship. One of the main reasons is the Virgo woman sometimes doesn’t support Gemini’s subjective opinions. She regards them a little strange and novel, which probably makes him upset.

You know, whenever there are financial problems, Virgo will become so fastidious. Her criticism can lead to Gemini’s anger. The female Virgo also dislike free lifestyle of Gemini man, so she tends to take control his freedom. Someday, deep disagreements affect badly their feelings.

But these two people are able to make a good partnership, especially in business. So I recommend them to be friends or co-workers instead of lovers.

Virgo man and Gemini woman

Both the Virgo man and Gemini woman are realistic. However, Virgo is introverted while Gemini is extroverted. This difference, in a way, makes them unpleased when both of them live together. For example, the Virgo man wants to stay home alone at the weekend but Gemini doesn’t. She would like to join vibrant parties with new acquaintances.

In spite of disparities between Virgo and Gemini, they still have their own way to regain the balance. Though I don’t say it’s a perfect combination, they are still able to think of building up a relationship in the long run.

Advice for the combination between Virgo and Gemini

It’s possible for the love of these two signs, but it requires attempt from both sides. To maintain the relationship, Gemini needs time to know Virgo’s approach to life and love and Virgo does, too. That sounds simple, but in fact, it’s not easy as you imagine. Do you know why? Because this means each person must learn to change themselves and accept the other’s bad personalities. So if you are the insider, consider everything carefully before starting!

Virgo and Gemini compatibility percentage: 60%

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